When the First People Migrated – to the Americas

When the First People Migrated – to the Americas

Rising from African migrations and Russian roots to all the Americas, and developing their own systems and governance.

And innovations helped them travel and carry their goods more readily, like the wheel and boat looking for new land because of the climate changes they faced. Following the fish and easy vegetation they were familiar with. Finding animals they could hunt, eat and domesticate along the way. Till they could settle in at least villages. Till they could grow veg and fruit. Carrying their stories that contained common icons within. Finding common cultural practices and rites, such as Shamanism.

Or did they come a different route? From Africa to New Guinea and Australia and NZ to Brazil?

And we’re finding this out thru archaeology, language studies, skull assessments and genetic screening. Digging for sites and bloodlines. Finding a genetic line between the Chukchi, Koriak, and Nivkhs with Alaskans, the Haida and the Clovis culture. And with the Aboriginals of Australia and South American first people.

Where they came from, how they got along when they were here, what they sustained themselves with and how they drove the cultures that have come to separate who the people of the Americas were from the Asians and Europeans is a cool story. One that shapes what the first peoples would value and the rights they would seek from the United Nations and the world.

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