Good News on the Pandemic Front!

Good News on the Pandemic Front!

Two of the biggest hurdles we have been facing in this pandemic are vaccine hesitancy and equitable global access.

Well the good news, there is a new/ish option on the market. A Texan doctor has developed a vaccine (not mRNA) and is sending it out to the world with no expectations of patent protection or money. He’s not big pharma looking for a buck, or using a new thing people are scared of taking. The process has been around for over 40 yrs and people know how to make it around the world. And it’s an easier process. All good stuff for the globe so we don’t keep building new breeds among the unvaccinated. But you aren’t likely to see this particular vaccine used in G7 nations. This is for the poor nations. To help themselves.

……. resources

Peter Hotez
Texas Children’s Hospital
made of yeast, tested on hep B issue and patent free
Hotez’ views on hesitancy

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