Global Demographics – Race and Religion – A New Course I’m Taking

Global Demographics – Race and Religion – A New Course I’m Taking

When you want to study who the people of the world are and what their major influences are, sometimes it works best to start at the beginning.

And to remember how many times in the world’s history an empire went out and changed the demographics of their neighbouring lands, in both religion and race (soldiers often rape women to oppress them and leave ‘seed’ behind). They also kill the men and boys or take them as slaves. So when you look at a map or study of what is now, it’s best to remember how many peoples have been ‘lost’ in time who were once empire builders in their hayday. In their own neighbourhood.

I think it puts colonialism into a larger context of imperialism, empire building. Megalomaniacs come in many cultures.

And these studies and recognition can also review how the peoples stood back up and reclaimed what is theirs, looking to the future for their survival. Only to be called rebels and terrorists.

Because I took Indigenous Canada last year, I wanted to look at the world thru their eyes again. I’ve also heard the same treatment was ‘visited’ on the Sami in Scandinavia and the Maori in New Zealand by the Catholic church of the 1600s as was in the Americas. So I want to see the broader view.

And here is the course (first of the new year!) I will be doing it thru. My usual warning is that I may drag what I learn into my writing here. lol

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