How Far is Too Far?

How Far is Too Far?

We talk about boundaries and consent a LOT. But it can sometimes be hard to see where the line is. We ask the owners of sites to make that line where we want them as individuals or as ‘my friends and I’ would. But what can they draw from that when …. how many voices do they have in their ear?

We talk about what ‘normal’ is too. But every culture known to humanity has split x R warred over what that means. Same as morality. And that is just the main groups. What about the outsiders? Will they ever see a day when they are brought into the fold? Or even counted again?

If we can’t figure out what the norm is, how do we determine what too far is then?

We look at crime and mental health, what civil disobedience is, and find disagreement even among the ‘experts’, So how do we know when and how to act? Yet we can face dire consequences if someone disagrees with us.

Is there such a thing as freedom and autonomy? Or is that a pipedream?

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