New Year – Resolutions, Challenges, Relationships -Sorting your mental & emotional closet out.

New Year – Resolutions, Challenges, Relationships -Sorting your mental & emotional closet out.

There are so many life style ‘experts’ who advise you to clean the junk out of your homes, your closets, to only have in your life what ‘brings you joy’. But the place where you may actually need to begin this work is inside your head and heart. Because no matter how often you clean your junk pile out, it keeps creeping back in till you do this work.

And New Year’s Day seems to be a common, collective moment when we look at our lives and set goals for the year. But how often do they break down because we self-sabotage or the people in our lives sabotage us because they quite like the status quo? And TBH they quite like manipulating you to meet their goal of keeping you under their thumb.

So how do we traverse these issues?

  1. decide what you want out of life and how you’ll get there
  2. decide which people in your life will support your autonomy and help you on your journey.
  3. make sure the goals are realistic

Now you have your game plan and your support team.

  1. Give them your time, attention and emotional energy.
  2. Minimize those who won’t and their impact on your self confidence and emotional drive.
  3. recognize the emo vampires in your life and reduce their access to you.

With this plan, this team and sensible outline, this might be your year for growth.

Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it took how many years to clutter your head with this negativity and/or useless junk?

  1. So forgive yourself and
  2. recognize you will make mistakes and sometimes you will have to go backwards first. To do some healing work before you can grow. If that is true, maybe this is the year to see about counselling?

And have fun with it. You are going to spend every day and night inside your own head and heart. So please make it funny, kind, fair, as easy and as positive where you can. It’ll be much nicer to grow and heal in that head space.

good luck!

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