Pandemic – Has your govt abandoned you?

Pandemic – Has your govt abandoned you?

Do you have access to:

  • rapid tests?
  • PCR tests?
  • vaccines?
  • antibody tests of blood to see if you’ve been exposed?
  • clinics or hospital beds for treatment?
  • safe isolation practices?
  • paid sick days and time off to get tested?
  • Paid caregiver time for when your family is sick?
  • work from home ability?
  • hazard pay if you can’t work from home?
  • safe(r) air ventilation in schools, congregant care facilities, hospitals and workspaces?
  • more bus/train routes to avoid overcrowding?
  • stimulant checks for families who are without incomes?
  • stimulant checks for small businesses?
  • rent freezes, eviction freezes
  • information about filing for disability if you have post viral conditions?
  • clinics for treatment of post viral conditions?

please add any innovative efforts

that your govt has provided.

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