Demons Called Flash and Butterfly (a story)

Demons Called Flash and Butterfly

Flash and Butterfly grew up together in the angelic realm. They were mentored by all the best angels. They read from the same book of hymns. They listened when the heavens separated and took the shadow road of rebellion together. Though they each loved the fractals of light. They each remembered their learning and teachers fondly. As students, they were often seen as twins, they were so alike.

But as demons….

Flash was the type of demon that went for the larger, darker plays of power and manipulation. He sought out the kings and money-makers. Looking to create tidal waves, mobs and wars.

Butterfly was all about the little moves that accumulated. The secrets, lies and indiscretions. He sought out the jaded and forlorn.

Flash and Butterfly weren’t often at the same places at the same times. But every now and then….

And today was such a day.

In a small town, Butterfly was looking for little troubles to augment. And he had quite a full load of people to see and influence for the greater game. The seeds of storm and chaos were being sown.

And he was quite surprised to see Flash walking down the street towards him. They greeted each other with much affection. And of course Butterfly had to ask just WHAT Flash was doing in such a small place….

Well it seems a motorcade had been diverted due to bad weather….. And in that time, there was an opportunity for a bigwig to be taken down. There was a beauteous creature ripe for the picking who would grab his eye, or some other body part. And there was a photographer with a grudge following the motorcade. All Flash needed to do was secure the opportunity. A dalliance caught on camera, blackmail, disclosure.

It wouldn’t mean much to the woman. She would go on with her life in this little town where few outsiders or big media came. It was just too far off the beaten track.

But the photographer would be invited to a big city job with a real rise in income and the reputation of his peers. And the politician would fall. From his seat and out of his marriage and family.

Both Flash and Butterfly rubbed their hands with glee.

Happy to see each other, Happy to separate the tasks between them so they could easily get things done. Happy to watch as the plan unfolded.

Flash got the power influences he loved. The show.

Butterfly got the chance to titillate and whisper, which he loved.

By the end of the day

Years of turmoil and change were in motion. With the truly innocent out of the whole fray, and back at home.

It seems this particular bigwig had actually been a voice of reason and peace. And when that was removed, the world moved toward yet another war. For wont of a secure zipper in his pants. Nothing new in that, is there?

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