PSA on Conflict of Interest – Financial Gain, Reputation, Tenure, Affiliations, Ability to Publish

PSA on Conflict of Interest – Financial Gain, Reputation, Tenure, Affiliations, Ability to Publish

Like many people, I’ve been checking out social media posts about the pandemic, And recently I found a guy who is all that and a bag of chips when it comes to his license and training. And I was all set to listen. As you would, right? Until he started spewing the anti-vaxx mssg….
So I looked him up.
Well well doctor doctor!
It seems he has a hole so big in his COI that a bus could drive thru it. He is attempting to get funding for alt treatments for Covid. So what better way than saying the vaxxes don’t work, right?
Please do be careful who you listen to. Actually check them out. As you say, do your own research! (All my writings on the virus have very credible scientific sources/schools, hospitals attached directly)
Needless to say, I reported him to the site involved.

vaccine safety review

The current data suggests that the currently approved mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for the vast majority of the population. biomedcentral

….. resources

A conflict of interest in research exists where an individual may preference, or be perceived to preference, their own interests or obligations over their duties and responsibilities as a researcher. Conflicts of interest may be actual, potential or perceived and involve financial and non-financial benefits source


Effective means of identifying and managing conflicts are an important element in successfully achieving the goals of research. nih


Researchers are encouraged to be honest about any interest that may cause potential conflicts and to inform others so that a disinterested entity can monitor progress to verify continued researcher objectivity. Am Psych Assoc


The clearest and most often discussed example of a conflict of interest in biomedical research involves doing research on a specific intervention while receiving research funding or personal remuneration from the company producing that intervention. source

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