Federal Speech from the Throne – Canada

Federal Speech from the Throne – Canada

It was really exciting, on a first ever perspective to have an Inuit portion spoken in the Senate speech. We can look forward to three languages in parliamentary proceedings from now on.

As for the speech content, there were some recognitions made for the need to support and understand that Canada is a diverse country. Many people come here specifically to take part in that. So there was a strong focus on our connection to the world, inside and outside our borders. To our connection to the LGBTQ2 + and making things safer here. We are not homogenous and need to live within that frame and respect other people within that. The Criminal Code will be strengthened to reflect safety from hate crimes. And immigration policies will be changed to reunify families. Recognition that people belong in Canada and will be included should help the citizens of this country feel more valued and supported.

We have our own identity, and our language work and media, including web media need to reflect us and our heritage and artistic content. Our communications standards and regulations will be changed to reflect Canada’s needs rather than other countries.

The recognition that mental and physical health are linked and need to be supported as such was key. And will help a LOT of people with disabilities be supported.

And changes in more affordable housing, rent to own as a new strategy, and $10 a day day care should help more people take part in the economy and possibly thrive. Especially relevant to women/mothers, as many women stayed home rather than put their children into schools or day cares during the waves of the pandemic. These ventures may get them back into the workforce. The pandemic was recognized as a her-cession.

There was a recognition that the environment and the pandemic are linked and need to be fought together and fossil fuels need to be decreased.

And crimes that involved hate and GBV as well as gun use rose during the pandemic, so stronger measures are being worked on in those areas.

Reconciliation with Indigenous people was a large focus. Housing on reserves, safe water, and child protection being regulated with first nations’ inclusion in the process and their direction/autonomy were key in the speech. And they have been worked on, so this is a continued focus. The graves found at the schools were mentioned, and a monument is planned commemorating the lost children and their families and tribes.

…… the speech

For those who want to skip the pageantry, the actual speech begins about 42 min in.
Read by GG Mary Simon

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