How Much Do you Rely on Media/(MSM or SM) to Guide your Life?

How Much Do you Rely on Media/(MSM or SM) to Guide your Life?

We spend a LOT of time online, for work or play. We watch TV, listen to music, play games and chat. There are some people we follow too. They are called ‘influencers’ and they help us with home decor, fashion, diet, life skills, decision making, relationship goals….

But should we? And if yes, what standards do we use to gauge who is feeding us misinformation?

It’s not just politics and the pandemic that are guilty of this. We are getting used to turning to these people, whether or not they are worthy of our attention, let alone respect.

lot of money is put into the environment behind these influences. For eg social psychologists are paid to determine the trends, what algorithms are used to track our behaviour and what ads we will see. Long before we do. And entire firms of marketers and advertisers put it all together, into trends and fads. From cradle to grave, they have a plan for what we see and how we will be manipulated.

How much time do you spend thinking about what their messages are? Do you safeguard your mind, thoughts and feelings from their influence? And just who is telling you what to think, feel and do? WHY are they doing this? What is their goal? Money? Field recognition? Power?

Our grandparents would disregard most of what they do. Our grandkids will be so used to it, they won’t think about it. It’ll be like water off a duck’s back to them.

Do you have any tips for how to sift thru their influence? Now if at no other time, we need to remember that their words can be a struggle over life, autonomy and death.

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