Using Humour to Get Thru Dark Times

Using Humour to Get Thru Dark Times

Some people cry, some people laugh. Some people hug others, some people isolate. And those who do the other look at the one and think they just might have gone a bit nuts, right?

I think we have to find where we are ok and just be ourselves. Because what is the option? Tearing ourselves apart? Breaking our minds and hearts?

But is there a line when what you do is wrong? Is not ok? I think that is often determined by who is around you when you crack wise. I’ve worked in health care and the staff rooms were often places of ribald and grotesque humour. Even coming from the kindest, sweetest people on the floors. But it never got said in a patient’s presence.

I’ve been to funerals and weddings where it’s supposed to be a solemn ceremony and in the parking lot, there are always a few gathered who seem to have no such concept of the word solemn. But the bride and groom and the widow(er) don’t hear about their idea of fun. Though this may be different at a wake? Or a celebration of life? They tend to be more about humour than a religious rite.

It can actually be as much of a release as a good cry or even an orgasm to have a belly laugh though.

Do you have that kind of humour? Or are you more the dainty type? I know I’ve made a few people look at me like I should be a serial killer or pathologist. Heaven forbid if I had that much info about the body though. My humour would terrify even me and I might make myself sick 😛 Aren’t I fun? lol

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schadenfreude, defined as satisfaction or pleasure experienced as a result of the misfortunes of others


galgenhumor, (gallows humour) defined as cynical humor that derives from stressful or traumatic situations.


Theorist Martin Armstrong “For a few moments, under the spell of laughter, the whole man is completely and gloriously alive: body, mind and soul vibrate in unison… the mind flings open its doors and windows… its foul and secret places are ventilated and sweetened.”

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