The Triad of Humanity, the Watchers and the Nephilim (a story/ish)

The Triad of Humanity, the Watchers and the Nephilim

the Biblical(ish) version

Once upon a time ago, there were a group of seven angels whose duty was to watch humanity. Which you’d think would be a fun and easy job for angels, right? And maybe they would end up loving or hating them, maybe they’d be apathetic. Any of these could happen and often do when one being has power over another, or feels superior.

And sometimes the act of watching breeds aversion or desire too. Some come to care far too much for their charges. And they start to want to teach them things. Things that make their lives a little bit easier. Things their charges shouldn’t really know yet? Building gratitude and protection dynamics between the angel and his charge.

So into this feeling, the angels and the women lay together and bred children. The angels knew they had done wrong by the gods and the women, and hid. But the avenging angels of the heavens came and found them. They were tossed out of heaven, put into a cauldron and bound. The cauldron was covered with rocks, until time was ended and they would be cast into the below to rule their human concubines and their children.


One of the watchers heard of the plot to kill the Nephilim and warned his brothers in time. Nothing stays secret long in even the heavens it seems.

They gathered their concubines and their children and with all their infernal power created a separate heaven that had spells at the door to ward off the avenging angels. And they lived there in happiness and peace. Assisting humanity when they could. These beings taught us many things. The weapons of war and technology, the arts of science and religion, and the paths of wisdom and philosophy.

And into that was born the close alliance between the watchers, the Nephilim and humanity. Out of which came one. Who forever separated the gods and their supplicants. Who caused the chasm between all the heavens and the earth.

It was foretold long ago that such as he would come. Neither angel, or human. Both and neither. A giant who would spread discord and passion devoid of religion and worship.

And he would begin the end times.


Humanity saw what was coming and gathered their resources to protect themselves. They stopped using what the watchers had taught them and returned to the gods. To a simpler life where faith and grace were the words and actions. Where nature was the only law.

And the angels of the gods came to pray for these souls and created the counsel of elders, ascended humans who were tasked with advising seekers on matters of faith and nature, Who spent their days and nights watching and praying for humanity.

The counsel never forgot what being human was like, and at least they had been. Unlike the watchers and the angels of the gods.

Humanity was much better off under their guidance and thrived. And the gods were happy with us again.

2 thoughts on “The Triad of Humanity, the Watchers and the Nephilim (a story/ish)

  1. Yes, it is (could be) a view of history.
    Maybe it’s actually a beautifully written history.
    Nicely written… It exudes space and warmth.
    The creative thought … Like in Stalker on XXI. century.

    Liked by 1 person

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