When Some Aliens are Apex Predators (a story)

When Some Aliens are Apex Predators

How do you see someone who is so powerful in character and strength that they can succeed at most things you can’t even try without wheezing? How long did it take them to become this version of themselves? So determined, so sure of themselves, so focused. Thinking they were so right about everything, and usually actually right.

And then taking that step farther, grabbing and relishing everything they wanted. It wasn’t so much about being greedy or unkind. More about getting to the front of the line, being a leader, the toughest of the tough, the best.

This was who El was. He had a crew of younglings who wanted to learn from him, a harem of women who wanted to sleep with him. And most people gave into his commands, just to avoid a fight. To keep him sweet. Because most people had seen what he was like when he was angry. And nobody wanted him angry with them. So El thought he had lots of friends.

But did he?

Did it matter?

Not so much to El. He wandered the stars, and gathered what he wanted. He didn’t set out to hurt anyone, but he didn’t tolerate people who stood in his way. Be they someone he thought of as friend or foe. He also didn’t care if he hurt someone. They stood in his way after all. Which was pretty stupid of them.

El collected whatever toys and gadgets made his mission of conquest easier. He collected friends who made his life easier. And lovers who made him look attractive when he was with them. It was all about El.

It wasn’t that he was looking for their submission, because El liked the challenge, the conquest, the game. What good would it do him if no one stood up to him? He didn’t go against someone who would actually have no shot at it either. He wanted to meet strength with strength. Someone who was his peer could stand up to him. Or at least try.

El didn’t ask anyone to call him a god, or even a lord. But many did. And it let El know which he could count on. Only those who had stood up to him and given their best could even call him a master. But that was of craft, not of sycophancy.

El didn’t have to prove himself to anyone. Which is exactly how he did.

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