The Observers (a story)

The Observers

Once upon a time ago, after the people were spread about to populate a galaxy or two, we sat back to watch how things we had set in motion unfolded.

Some of the people were mild and settled into their new homes quite nicely. They hunted, fished, farmed and helped each other. They made kinships and friendships and had some fun. Which we were quite happy to see.

Some of the people explored their nearby planets and traded with them. They seemed more adventurous than some, which was fine. As long as they minded their manners and let everyone be at their own pace. They mostly did, so we just kept an eye on them.

But some of the people seemed hungry. Nothing they had was enough. They wanted what they saw that others had. If they helped others, they wanted something in return. Esp if they got more than they gave. They wanted the best. They sorted till they got it too. There were many times when we felt we had to compensate for what these greedy people did. In ways they wouldn’t notice but evened out the balance for those who were left with less.

We were afraid to leave things like this, so we introduced a predator. Just to the greedy though. On their lands, in their homes. They did try to take more from their neighbours, but the predator took that as well. And we compensated those left with less.

It felt a bit like playing chess, but we couldn’t leave it alone, with people like this.

Before we left the galaxy, we gave the humble and kind the gift of magic. Just some basic works to defend themselves and those they loved. To grow things better, to heal, and to surprise their friends and family with.

Everything was fine when we checked in on these galaxies. We had made good choices in how we dealt with the people. Each managed as who they were.

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