The Quest (a story)

The Quest

What is it that you would search for? What would you go to another galaxy for? The adventure itself? A sense of belonging? A symbol? Would you go because you’re afraid that aliens will come and want to see how close they are? Would you look for new signs of life?

Do you have to pick one?
Does it have to be on another planet? Or in your ancient lands?

Or can it be internal, like a vision quest?


Samantha had been asking herself this for some time. She had read so many fantasy and sci-fi stories from comics and books. And watched many of the hot movies and TV shows. So she thought she knew her own answers.

Sam even took any course she could find and get accepted into on science, computer and math (cuzz along with Carl Sagan she was pretty sure the first communication would be π ). Sam also made it into the air-force. And learned how to fly anything going up. When NASA came calling, she was going to be ready.

And she had thought she was ready too.

But Sam only knew what earth could teach her. What hard sciences could tell her. And that probably would have been fine…. She had separated fact from fiction. But somewhere in her soul, she had a romantic wish to meet an alien. But she was realistic enough to know that nowhere in our galaxy was there another inhabited planet. And if there were other such places, they probably weren’t advanced enough to get to earth. Not by science or technology anyways.


But there was a thing that prosaic Sam hadn’t thought of:
Was there another way they could get here? Like maybe ….


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