Q – Moral development and codes – But which do I put highest? Kant vs Utilitarianism and Libertarianism

Q – Moral development and codes – But which do I put highest? Kant vs Utilitarianism and Libertarianism

Many people have several moral codes or law sets they try to live by:

  • their faith institution
  • their country’s
  • their neighbourhood
  • their family
  • their work/ professional ethics….

But some come into conflict,
and others are things we tolerate to belong. Not because we believe them or they serve us well (life goals, interests).
And some even exclude us.
ie. if you are LGBTQ+, kinky, poly

Some have excluded us before, but now seem to be more open. Do we forget, forgive the history in the hope they get it now? Or do we keep a hand back when we greet them because they might revert?

Maybe the best form of morality is internalized. We do things, live a certain way because that is who we are. But are we willing to risk going to jail? Or be diagnosed as mentally ill for having odd thoughts, behaviours and risk being medicated and/or being hospitalized?

4 thoughts on “Q – Moral development and codes – But which do I put highest? Kant vs Utilitarianism and Libertarianism

  1. Oh, to think again … The good thinking of good old Kant … stemmed from the great lessons of German history so far. “What can I know? What should I do? What should I hope for?”
    And the liberal thoughts, libertarian passions, what is good for the individual, what is good for the community and the homeland? The good old libertanus countryside. Let’s sniff a little.
    And great English spirituality … utilitarianism.
    Freedom, equality, brotherhood are already together.
    The first is the inertia of the citizen, what is allowed.
    The second is the separation of the public good and the good of private life.
    The last business is the business of the business …utilitarianism.

    Thus all of it is: the French “revolution”. And so, together with the motto of the international, to erase the past once and for all. …isms. Political communisms.

    The Jacobin referred to the people and kill 500,000 peasants in the countryside and cities with the same number of nobles and citizens … The Communist referred to the proletarian and kill more than 20,000,000 people … The Nazi become refers to living space and to a national superiority … And it burned the world … Global neo-communism refers to human rights and fires up the constitution and operates a police force of thought (gender struggle). To keep your business running smoothly is the business of the business.

    It is not a moral issue … It is a matter of life to hide from our lives all created and “world-saving” communism, whatever face it takes in our history.

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      1. Yes, if I understand the sentence exactly (little embivalence in me). But wiping out … isms from our lives is more important than hiding it. This is increasingly true of me as well. I’m a hiding exhibitionist.

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