Q – Has the Canadian Election Changed Anything?

Q – Has the Canadian Election Changed Anything?

I know it’s early days, since the election was just a few weeks ago (September 20, 2021), but srsly the tone hasn’t changed even a bit. The GREENs are still fighting each other, and Paul has retired from being the leader. The NDP still hate Trudeau and are working with the CONs to bring him down, and today Singh all but announced he won’t take part in the process of anything the LIBs want to do. The CONs haven’t changed a thing cuzz they feel like they won the election. Maybe, maybe not? They did get a lot of votes, just not where it counted. (tehehe!)

And the US owned media, who support CON/REP govts still are trying to bring Trudeau down. Kicking dirt at years old stuff that actually Harper (CON) was responsible for. Like trade deals with China, kicking the pharm companies out that could have made a Cdn vaccine or at least been a Cdn manufacturer of someone else’s recipe, law suits against FN groups, and allowing the Catholic Church off the hook financially for the residential schools.

Even though Trudeau was exonerated by the ethics commissioner about WE, the mssg still is that he is a liar and incompetent, hasn’t kept a promise and has done nothing for the country, let alone FNs. Even though several chiefs have been advocating for Trudeau and his team. Have said that he has done more for FNs than any other PM before. Has cleared more water advisories, is working with the bands toward self govt and their own child safety, police, health and govt programs and has also been meeting more goals than any other PM on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


So that’s the context, right? And into that Trudeau went to Tofino on Sept 30, (after going to an event on the 29th) to spend time with his family (after a hard election where he was harassed by anti-vaxxers at every stop). And it was used to paint a pic of him being lazy, incompetent, uncaring…. when he was just being a man. (Ohmergawd!!)


And anyone who spoke up for Trudeau was racist, &/or a libtard. (reminder – I voted GREEN!)


But twitter being twitter….. had had enough and one of the trending tags for the past days is that #Cdnmediahasfailed us. Well yeah, but what do you expect when…. they aren’t Canadian?
Time to change that, right?

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