John Locke – Belonging and Consent

John Locke – Belonging and Consent

We often discuss these principles when they apply to kink. But how often are they considered when you think about the groups that you belong to in society?

If you are born into a group, you are a member till you’re asked to leave or you die. Your rights are life, liberty and property. At least your share of the group’s resources. In exchange you get the protection of the group. You follow what the majority want. The group can ask you to help protect it, but can no longer arbitrarily force you to do so, unless they allow conscription. You can volunteer, and in some cases more than others, that can seem quite coercive. The poor want a chance to travel, to be fed and housed, to learn a trade they couldn’t otherwise. And all they have to do is risk their lives. The imprisoned can apply for early release thru service in the military. And some people just want to join. They think they should serve their country, their people, their faith. Or it’s a family tradition. But it is expected. People are disappointed if you don’t. And for some that weighs heavily. Which can also be quite coercive.

If you weren’t born in the group, you have to basically apply or show your worth. Offer some skill the group needs, or share your resources when theirs are depleted. If accepted, you become a member of the group. With pretty well the same rights as anyone else. Though it may take longer for them to trust you. If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you know they don’t always trust outsiders. Xenophobia is a very real thing.

You can leave anytime you wish, in theory. But it’s pretty hard to take anything with you and you might have to sneak away in the dead of night to be successful. The group doesn’t like to lose it’s members. Or it’s resources. At . all.

It’s more likely they would let you return, if you had been born among them than if you were an outsider, left and wanted to return.

If the group excommunicates you because you have broken the rules of membership, there would be conditions to your return. And trust would have to be re-earned. You may never get all your freedom and privileges back.

Property is your share of the group’s resources. And given to you to use by grace of the group. For as long as you are a member. Your safety is only assured as long as you are a member of the group. And your freedom is only assured when you are following the rules of the group.

Have you ever tried to leave a group you were born into or joined and later regretted and wanted to leave? A religious or societal group? I have and it took so much more than it should have for me to get my kid and I out safely. It isn’t like you can say ‘I want to go’ and they say ‘see ya!’ and throw you a party. So how consensual would it still be if you remained, because they refused to let you go? It just wouldn’t be, would it?

You are a member with a share of their resources at the group’s pleasure. If they allow you to have and keep private property, it’s taxed. And it’s usually the members who have higher skill levels who get to keep private property. Which might explain why some constitutions offer happiness instead of private property.

You can see these factors at the bottom of any group charter, constitution, govt, whatever you call it. Democracy, communism, socialism, feudalism. Cult, gang. The only difference is whether the words get sugar coating or not.

And back to kink.
Nothing in kink should be like that, since it’s all supposed to be adults agreeing to do things together. But sometimes it seems like it is when you hear the groups that do it wrong. And somebody can end up dead or in jail.

And nowhere in this post have I discussed things like reputation and gossip. Yet they are important factors in any group. So it’s no surprise when they enter the kink world as well. At least it shouldn’t be. And the coercion of these forces is felt if the group you are in loses faith in you, at whatever level.

How you do in any group depends on how much the group thinks you can offer them and how much they think they can trust you to follow the rules. They will treat you well as long as you are on their good side. You’ll feel the winds change around you if that ever changes. Never doubt that.

2 thoughts on “John Locke – Belonging and Consent

  1. The good old Lock. He is a child of the enlightened mind. Who realized the need to create the world over and over again for himself. And all people have to do that. Even for all groups. And for this we have to know the world again and again, for this we have to spend half of our lives in school first with learning and experience. Then the phenomena and causal relationships of the world must be inventoried. Then we have to philosophize about all this.
    So it’s not like our world used to be a long time ago. It is not that Sun and not that Moon that illuminates and warms us from the sky. After God, man must also recreate the world in every nam, in every present. It’s not old, it’s just today.
    Our individual identity is not the same as our group identity. Our family identity is not the same as the genus … And neither is the same as the national identity. After all, the world is recreated and relived by every human atom and molecule. There is no continuity, no time, just present. They are present. There is no life after death. In the spiritual world They knew there was life after death. Some kind of continuity.
    Today the World asks if there is life before death?

    Therefore, everything is business in the human systems of relations (human-group-nature) in the World of Reason. Because Everything is not part of the Universe.

    But this Mind was deprived of the throne in the XX. century.

    John Locke – Belonging and Consent …
    Individual value relationships … Intergroup interest relationships.
    Rights, duties. Debt-Consent, Receivable-Belonging …
    This is how banker world.
    It lacks a harmonious Intellect. The spirit. That was why the XX. century hell. The conquest of the ultimate Intellect, and the (almost) destruction of the world. The Mind was deprived.
    And came the XXI. century. The age of the spiritual intellect. His name is Satan.
    I think we need God again. And we need to deal less with ourselves without God.

    I may not seem to have responded to your writing. And … but yes.

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    1. lol the philosophers sit and think, gaze at their navels so we don’t have to. Don’t they?
      Everything comes from nothing and returns to it. Darkness and light, self and other. We are all mirrors of what we see. Don’t look into the abyss, because it will back at you.

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