Philosophy of Crime – What is Justice? (News at Western Univ, London ONT)

Philosophy of Crime – What is Justice? (News at Western Univ, London ONT)

Justice is a broad and somehow abstract concept based on equality of rights, fairness, kindness, dignity, moral and ethics. In a just world, we would not have:

  • Discrimination;
  • Violence;
  • Abuses;
  • Poverty;
  • Slavery; and
  • Injustices in general.


As you prob know if you follow me, I often write about the concepts of the patriarchy/feminism and human rights, sexual and gender safety. So issues like human rights, labour, family, marriage and wage parity and the corporatocracy come up. I don’t see what exists now as even legal, let alone just these days. Though it’s certainly improved since women have been recognized as human beings vs chattel. Supposedly we understand our rights and men know they shouldn’t be disrespecting us. We’re supposed to be equals under the law.

But sadly, it was slapped across my face again today that we pay lip service to these ideals. Even in places that should be leaders, teaching the next gen how to improve things for their family.

….. The situation?

It’s orientation week at universities across Canadian campuses. So the newbs are leaving mom and dad’s house, coming on campus and feeling their oats. Wanting to party with their peers. All good so far, right?

Till it isn’t. Apparently things went wild in a caveman way over this weekend. Western Univ in London (which is supposed to be a well reputed univ) had @30 incidents of sexual and gender violence. In . one. weekend. How effed up is that??

IDK what the specifics were, (Was it rape, harassment? Was there bullying/hazing that went bad? There was date rape drug use.) but admin actually allowed the univ press to write it up, and as of now, MSM is starting to pick up the story. As far as I know, only the campus police are involved in the investigations.

Time will tell how seriously this is taken, but my Goddess! 30 + incidents in one weekend?? Tell me how you justify that!



Covid 19 – They’re Starting to Figure out Long Haul Cases Now.

Covid 19 – They’re Starting to Figure out Long Haul Cases Now.

Did you know that @ 1 in 4 people who got SARS Covid 2 have long haul issues with it? And no it wasn’t necessarily someone who ended up in hospital, or ICU. They might have been asymptomatic with the original virus. Then their body caught on that something was there that shouldn’t be and was hanging around. And went a little nuts.

And a LOT of the same symptoms show up in things that many people have several times every year, without more than a few days or weeks of illness. Till things get complicated. They all COULD turn into pneumonia for eg. But you could also have heart inflammation, a stroke, kidney issues, maybe even get type 2 diabetes, long term fatigue and muscle pain. You could die from the complications, even if you did ok with the original virus.

1 in 4…. of how many people in the world who have had the virus inside them? Who might now qualify as disabled. Who may not recover. Who society will have to care for long term because people couldn’t be sussed to take PH precautions srsly enough .

And there is also some suggestion that kids will mostly survive the initial bout with the virus. But may end up with long haul Covid. And this is now the biggest wave of sufferers, The kids who cannot be vaccinated yet. First we protected the seniors and immuno-frail, then the pregnant women & nursing moms, now the kids. Outbreaks are one thing, but these trends are the true ‘waves’ IMO.

These long haul symptoms happened with SARS 2003 and MERS too. (other corona viruses) But it wasn’t as widely spread. So do you remember hearing that people have suffered since?

People with autoimmune issues find it hard to fight off a cold or flu virus, and have to take extra precautions, let alone if they got SARS Covid 19,


This reminds me of when I got mono at 17. Since then, when I’m getting a cold, I know because I get a sore throat and swollen glands before I start sneezing and coughing.. And oh am i ever exhausted! Something that should have been an easy ride at 17(& actually was then) is something I’ll have to watch for the rest of my life.


So no it’s not over, and getting the vaccines is a small price to pay over dying or having permanent disabilities, don’t you think? Or being the cause of someone else esp a child /maybe your child having to deal with this.

And if you are having these issues, and people don’t believe you, keep talking cuzz no you’re not nuts/imagining things at all. And you are far from alone!

……. resources


The Judicial System – Supposedly Based on Christianity, Right?

The Judicial System – Supposedly Based on Christianity, Right?

But on what part of the Bible is it based?


  1. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version

…. or is it a behavioural list

like the Ten Commandments ?

  • You shall have no other gods before Me.
  • You shall make no idols.
  • You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
  • Keep the Sabbath day holy.
  • Honor your father and your mother.
  • You shall not murder.
  • You shall not commit adultery.
  • You shall not steal.
  • You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  • You shall not covet.

…. but before you say that,

how far are you willing to carry this behaviour list?
Because in both old and new testament, there are more things to follow. Like dietary and sexual matters.

and what are the consequences?

If you were in a church group and judged by them, you would face restrictions in your community or being banned/excommunication.
But in the community, you face possible parole restrictions or imprisonment. Unless they need your labour. Then you could face a form of indenture or slavery. Isn’t that basically what the USA’s private prison system offers? Though not just in the US, also in Australia, Scotland, England and Wales, New Zealand, & South Africa, to varying degrees. But the USA also does this in ICE. . And don’t they get upset when you bring up work camp systems like Russia has Siberia?

It seems not only can’t you

have strange gods or eat their food, but you also can’t abide ‘these people’ or ‘other’ walking freely among you. Unless they are assimilated. No wonder there are so many prison conversions. Does that actually work though? Would it work in ICE?

Comparing the two countries

always makes me feel better about my own! How about you?

So how should one be judged? And isn’t it supposed to be by a ‘jury of your peers’? So I want an all female jury. How likely is that?

Offender Demographics Canada – What is Up With the Youth??

Offender Demographics Canada – What is Up With the Youth??

  • Is it because the kids are home alone?
  • Come from a broken home?
  • Is there DV in the home?
  • Or addictions?
  • Don’t do well in school?
  • Are on drugs?
  • Don’t have enough social programs and supervision?
  • Are they in gangs?
  • Do they have a conduct disorder?
  • Are they poor?
  • Or a bored rich kid?

I bet you could get someone to give you good sound arguments for any of these being at fault. But how do you blame the one child or their parents , when obv it’s a systemic failure?

But whether or not you blame that kid or their parents, they still get thrown into a rehab bed. (if they’re lucky} a group home (again if they’re lucky) or some kind of diversion program. (that lucky thing? Yeah here too). But mostly they end up in a youth detention centre, or if their crime is bad enough, in an adult prison.

Where they get taught how to be a better criminal. Isn’t that great?

When in the jail or prison, if there is funding and staff, they might get their HS diploma, they might get that rehab work, or even training in some job skills. That is the goal anyways. But mostly they get lessons in how to be more hardass types who know more about the options of crime than you’d ever want them to.

Even if they are being watched all the time , what they get is street cred rather than anything useful. And if/when they get out, they go back to the same things that put them in jail or prison in the first place.

  • So is it the kid who is the recidivist?
  • Or is the track they’re on cyclical?

I’m of the 2nd school of thought. How about you?

…. sources

why we punish those who break our criminal laws: retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation, deterrence, and restoration.
We sentence those who break the law for retribution (pure punishment), to incapacitate (take out of general society), to rehabilitate (change into non-law breakers), to deter (demonstrate that crime has consequences), and to restore (make the victim whole).
There are some who can be rehabilitated, and there are others who are beyond reach. Why then should we put both types of individuals in the same prison?


Youth between the ages of 15 and 19 years have the most significant impact on the trends and rates of crime and victimization in Canada. Youth in this age group are at greater risk for both victimization and involvement in the criminal justice system.
Persistent young offenders are more likely to have experienced various risk factors during their childhood, such as living in poverty, a history of family violence, and disruptive behaviour in school.

On Canada’s Labour Day – Election 44 – Tell Me About Your Workers?

On Canada’s Labour Day – Election 44 – Tell Me About Your Workers?

No matter if your job is white or blue collar, the boss is looking for the new hire to be someone who is going to be there for awhile, and what is more sure than a man whose wife is expecting their first child?

But the man needs more than one salary to support his family. He also needs benefits. If he gets sick, injured or heaven forbid dies, he needs to know she/they will be cared for.

The man might want to spend time with them, so things like parental leave when the baby is born. vacation time, decent/flex work hours. So she doesn’t have to solo parent. And because he wants to see those first day of K and piano recitals.

And I know the boss wants his workers to be young and fit, so that means things like dental, eye, ear, GP checks, vaccinations. Insurance for the injury/illness/death and spousal benefits. And training and mgmt courses, so the man doesn’t have to retire at 40-50 because his bones are creaking and he has ulcers, tension headaches and a stroppy back from lifting or sitting too much.

Does he need and get sick days? Is there a plan where he can work from home if his family needs him or going to a work site is now too hard for him? Would having a job-share set up, or mentoring plan where the most experienced workers teach the newbies be a realistic option? Why not, if they say no?

And a decent wage, so the man and his wife can do more than argue about money, and get real good at saying no to their kids. Cost of living salary increases, so they can cope as their family grows.

  • What if one of their kids is disabled or ill?
  • What if wife can’t function at full capacity?
  • What if one of their parents need to move in because they need supervision or care?
  • What if they need a care agency or home?
  • What if the couple divorces and his salary has to cover two households?
  • What if wife wants to go back to school or work when the kids are in school?

The couple also want the neighbourhood they live in to be safe, the country to be at peace, and the planet to be more than a hot mess.


With yuppy faces as party heads, who are over focused on the corporatocracy. And parties that want donations more than voters unless they’re in campaign mode. Which party has a vested interest in this guy succeeding? And getting all his needs met?

Because in Canada, not many young couples are surrounded by family who will take over if something happens. So who has the track record of seeing this couple gets supported? Maybe it is time for a truly socialist or communist party to take over.

Because if workers and unions asked for all of this, they’d get laughed out of contract talks. The company would move to a 3rd world nation. And more people would be out of work.


But in campaign mode, the big parties do promise all these things.

  • So is their voting history in line with their promises?
  • Or do they bail out corporations that do next to nothing for their workers? Or their communities?
  • When was the last time they voted for issues like their workers need?
  • Or actually updated their view on what ‘family’ means? Is it 1950 still?
  • Is it more important to that company to get shareholder dividends than it is to see their workers are taken care of off and on their work schedule?
  • Do they throw money at charity and food banks or walk in their worker’s shoes, live in their community?
  • Do they know how many green grocers are in the area and how much healthy food costs?
  • Do they know how much green space there is?
  • How about good day cares and schools?


These questions are why unions were formed, and seem to have gone the way of the dodo bird in importance. And even the NDP that came from that POV has voted more with the corporatocracy than for the workers’ rights and needs recently.

I know we don’t live in a perfect world, but isn’t it time to re-orient to meeting the needs of most of the citizens? At least? To at least try? Shouldn’t we be looking at parties that vote for minimum wage increases and/or UBIs?


Ponder these thoughts as you celebrate Labour Day and as you make your voting decisions for Sept 20, 2021.


Women’s Power/ The Power of Withholding Sex – The Story of Lysistrata, written by ancient Greek dramatist Aristophanes

Women’s Power/ The Power of Withholding Sex – The Story of Lysistrata, written by ancient Greek dramatist Aristophanes

On Twitter, there is a discussion between two groups of feminists about this play in relationship to the abortion ban in Texas. Both sides think they’re right. But it’s harder on that site to bring in the topic of chastity and female Domination for fear of being banned. So maybe it’s a fetish/adult chat to have?

But let’s start at the beginning. If you’re not familiar with the play, the women gather to persuade the men to stop warring. They withhold sex to get what they want. If a group of women wanted this, it’d be safe(r) to stay together. I don’t think every man in the village had an actual erection, but I’m sure it didn’t take long before they missed having their wife’s good will, if not the actual sex.

In the name of this story, or the collective female will for a specific need, women have effectively recreated this stand-off thru time.So it can be safely done. (If you wanted to do it as a sole woman, you might want to visit a friend so you are secure in your decision.)


Female dominants know there is more than one way to have men respect your sexual power and autonomy. And sometimes that is to stop giving them access.

And when it comes to our control over our sexuality and fertility, it makes more sense as a dominant woman to say, if you don’t respect us, then you cannot use our bodies. If you try to say we cannot decide our own futures, then you have no say over our present.

But it’s not just about women taking charge of us, it’s also about men taking charge of their own sexuality, and bringing their fellows into line as well. They quickly have conversations about boundaries and aggression. And they quickly appreciate their mate or dominant when she is missing in their life and home. And in their bed.


The chat turned to the role this would play in the LGBTQ+ community. I thought it was quite possible that they would understand more than most the fight it is to be able to be free in your self expression of gender and sexuality and would support such a collective will.


And considering how many BIPOC women have been forcibly sterilized, or coerced into taking birth control, I thought that might bring some men into the discussion as allies that aren’t usually onside with women’s issues and raise the group’s voice.


So what do you think, is it possible to use this play for this purpose? To make it clear that as women, either we control our fertility or no one does?


Is it possible that even women who are anti-abortion would appreciate and support the concept of women being autonomous in our decisions about our bodies and health care? Perhaps seeing the logic that not having that right leads to the erosion of our sexual safety even further than it already is?


Do you see any problems with this?

Tik Tok vs Republicans

Tik Tok vs Republicans

Episode 1 –
Do you remember when TikTok users bought out a Trump rally’s tickets?

Episode 2 –
Welp TikTok strikes again! Apparently they’re not only anti-REP party, but they are also pro-choice, or anti-rat at least. TikTok users used a script to crash a site by an anti-abortion org with false tips.

And not only did it crash the site, but it also got the attention of GoDaddy admin who gave the anti-abortion org notice that it was in violation of site rules about privacy. They have 24 hrs to find another host.

Maybe it is just ‘the youth of today’, but tech sites just may be tired of the REPs and pushing back after their nuisance since the election. Who knows? Either way, it may not be that easy to rat someone out in Texas after all. lol

History of Abortion in Canada – We’re Just Not the USA.

History of Abortion in Canada – We’re Just Not the USA.

Our laws are based on the British system and have nothing to do with the US one. In Canada, the laws weigh the life of the mother over the life of the fetus.

Access is a challenge though in terms of medical availability. New Brunswick has had health dollar transfers withheld twice by the federal govt because they only have 2-3 hospitals in the province that do surgical abortions. The federal govt said this was inadequate and refused the transfer.

As it stands now, up to the age of 13, an abortion requires either the consent of the parent(s) of the girl or a court to allow the procedure.

After that age, the pregnant girl has full power to consent to her own health choices. And it’s her health that determines the need for the abortion.

Viability of the fetus outside the womb becomes an indicator when the baby’s health enters the equation at all. Which as of now is about 25 weeks gestation. (best medical advice)

Canada recognizes this in the federal Health Act so it doesn’t matter what the provinces want. But they are the ones who provide the infrastructure to make abortion access plausible.

It wouldn’t be easy at all to change the abortion laws in Canada now. Not the way the country is set up. No matter which party is in power. And it’s only the Conservative Party that shows any signs of even thinking about trying. So you know where to not place your votes ladies!


How does your country handle this issue? The United Nations’ Charter of Rights recognizes abortion as a right.

Canada’s Party Faces –

Canada’s Party Faces –

They are all in the category of yuppy professionals: teachers and lawyers. None of them were poor/on welfare as kids. So no, they will never get where the true poor of Canada are or relate to that group.

Both Trudeau and O’Toole had daddies who were politicians.

They all speak fluent French and English, which has been an issue in the past. Funny to watch as some gaffed their way thru a speech, even though they looked like they had been practicing for weeks. And they can actually take questions! Wonder of wonders!
This is important in Canada as we are officially a bilingual country.

They all have families of their own, and even if they can’t grasp poverty, maybe they can grasp concern over your partner and kids.

They all claim a walk of faith, whether or not it’s Christian. It’ll be interesting to see how the ‘others’ are embraced during the campaign.

Irish (O’Toole), Indonesian (Trudeau’s partial heritage), African (Paul), Indian (Singh)…. well, aren’t we a technicolour group? As well as French Canadian (Trudeau, Blanchet).

And much as the men folk might claim to understand the ‘plight of women’, Paul is in the house!

So diversity, check!

Now…. can we get to the issues? Or do we have to listen to this super-spreader of ignorance that is following. de-railing the Trudeau campaign?

Go home children! Let the adult voters talk.