Moral Philosophy – Are All Pleasures Created Equal?

Moral Philosophy – Are All Pleasures Created Equal?

It depends?

  • Are you talking about the interests of the individual or the group? And which group? (family, neighbourhood, religion, state/nation)
  • What is the purpose of the pleasure? Is it base interest, lifestyle? Or of a higher principle?
  • Can you find others who share this pleasure to unite with and at least discuss it if not participate in it?
  • Are you completing your daily tasks and your caring responsibilities before you engage in this pleasure?
  • Are you injuring yourself or others in striving for this pleasure?
  • Are you attempting to arrive at excellency or perfectionism? Or is it a time filler?
  • Is it tolerated by authority? Would you be incarcerated (by legal authority) or excommunicated (by family or religious authority)?
  • WHY does authority tolerate it? To allow freedom? Or to dumb down the masses so they can do as they wish and get away with it?
  • Are you then complicit in their actions? Or their neglect of duty of care?
  • Does authority use different pleasure principles to divide the people and cause that division so people don’t see what they are doing and why? (Don’t fight with me, fight with each other!)
  • Is pleasure used to create the ‘other’?


It’s not as simple as you may have been told or thought before is it? As an adult, you can’t just do what you want to with no thought to consequences, can you? Your actions and neglect of duty affect others, beyond your immediate group. Which is why pleasure is much discussed by philosophers. And if you wish to look at that further, try ‘utilitarianism’ (Bentham, Mill) and ‘libertarianism’ (Locke, Thoreau, Spencer).

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