When the Covid Vector is….. the First Responder? The Carer? The Teacher? (Anti-vaxxers in Authority)

When the Covid Vector is….. the First Responder? The Carer? The Teacher? (Anti-vaxxers in Authority)

When the person who is in charge of your well being during a crisis is acting against their certification college, the union and the govt’s mandate, what do you do?

Police officers and military have a higher onus to follow and enforce the laws of the country, so shouldn’t that mean they lead by example? Rather than holding silent protests in public? Speaking to the media?

Doctors and nurses, lab techs, EMTs, and other care workers should be science-savvy, at least literate enough to know where and who the best sources are for info?

Teachers should be the leaders of their classes, and at least able to research credibility of sources and what scientific method is, right?

So explain to me like I’m a five year old why they’re joining protests and letting it be known what their occupation is and expecting to keep their job. And how they are able to for that matter.

These are in many ways super-spreader careers. They are front facing as carers and at times they are there at the moments when you are most vulnerable. Like first responders when you’re having a stroke or a heart attack, when you just got pulled out of a burning car or house and are oxygen deprived, when you’re a kid and are crying/huffing, wheezing or throwing up.

But bottom line, these people all make their living and hold their jobs because they were taught to respect authority, to follow the chain of command. And they don’t want to comply now? But but but… aren’t they the ones who are supposed to be enforcing the mandates?

How are we supposed to take them seriously?? The mandates or the person telling us we have to obey when they won’t? And how do you call 911/999 if you don’t know that the person who should be taking ALL precautions isn’t?

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