Canadian Elections – Don’t Let the Current Leader Snow you – Know The Party’s History Before you Vote!

Canadian Elections – Don’t Let the Current Leader Snow you – Know The Party’s History Before you Vote!

LIBs and CONs have been in the HoC since Canada began, in some form or other. They are both known for siding with big business. Though CONs take a stricter side of money first, people if they have enough money left over. CONs also have ‘family first’ values. Which, given their voting history, means they exclude working women, LGBTQ+ and are anti-abortion. Both parties have a problematic history with First Nations.


  1. Liberal Party of Canada
    Founder George Brown
    Founded 1861;


  1. Conservative Party of Canada iterations –
    Founder John A. Macdonald
    Founded July 1, 1867
    b. including melding with the
    Reform Party of Canada –
    Founder Preston Manning
    Founded October 30, 1987
    Dissolved March 25, 2000


BQ has a concern about Quebec Nationalism – wanting to separate from Canada


  1. Bloc Québécois
    Founded 15 June 1991
    b. Split from Progressive Conservatives,


NDP socialism now tends toward working people. Rarely makes efforts toward those who are disabled, even if they were hurt on the job. Which removes a LOT of the socialism from their history.


  1. Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
    Founded 1932
    Dissolved 1961
    & x R big unions
    b. became the New Democratic Party
    Founded August 3, 1961


Green Party is all about environmental concerns, but recently has become less grass roots, and more what businesses can do.


  1. Green Party of Canada
    Founded 1983

….. to consider ‘What have they done for me lately?’

Is there a ‘true’ left wing party in the HoC these days? IMO Nope. It’s very much trickle down economy in the HoC. Though they do give some credence to global deals when it suits them. They want to appear to be a ‘good citizen’.

  1. There is little focus on who becomes homeless, unemployable and why. And little to no effort to support them. Veterans, families, elders, First Nations, people injured in crashes, fires and on the job. As well as people with chronic illnesses.
  2. There are very few programs or concerns for start ups or maintaining quality small business programs. Though this is critical to trade and tourism.
  3. There is little active feminism in their policies.
  4. LGBTQ+ are given occasional nods in human rights changes like gay marriage and conversion therapy. But little else.
  5. Poverty is given little more than after thoughts in the budget. Housing, food security and almost blamed for being jobless, homeless, not a citizen yet, a gig worker, a woman or LGBTQ+. Even when the economy is down. And little is done, besides ‘retraining programs’ towards changing their circumstance.
  6. Meanwhile… the price of basic needs goes up and nothing is done toward that like housing price limits, affordable secure food lines over fast food, safe and affordable child care. (schools, day care) And with families being carers for an older gen too since people are aging, for respite and LTC safety and affordability.
  7. You’d think that the military wouldn’t be that key to a nation that has never technically been to war? I mean we send people to support others’ battles.
  8. Full medical care for all, covered by the govt should include hospital visits, doctors’ visits, dentists, eye care, pharmacological coverage. If they need more money, how about they charge something nominal to people below the poverty line like $10 a year and the rest a fee on scale with their income?
  9. racism is societal when the people who are most affected are First Nations, new immigrants, essential workers, gig workers. And the govt parties knew this prior to the BLM protests and the pandemic. But what have they done to make these people/groups more secure within our borders? The time is now, because with the planet heating up, there will be mass migration coming our way. What have the parties done to prepare for that?


If you can think of issues and concerns for the parties currently in the house, or a ‘dream party’ you’d like to see, please respectfully comment.

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