Covid, Viral Care – The Difference Between Junk Science and Drug Trials is…..

Covid, Viral Care – The Difference Between Junk Science and Drug Trials is…..

Mostly the answer to this question is …. is there a doctor watching your dose, your labs, your vital signs, looking for adverse effects, standing by to manage any such symptoms?
Vs you calling poison control or going to ER cuzz you feel like you’re about to die and you just might be right?

Is the doctor using the proper scientific methods to be sure that you are in fact helping the case of this becoming a legit treatment? Using things like control groups. If it’s such a stellar treatment idea, then step up and do honest trials!

And yes, ok maybe you do have to insist it’s ‘your body your choice’, but what about when your choice goes beyond you? Yes the virus is killing people, but so is antibiotic resistance. And things like MRSA can be spread by contact. (azithromycin) Either way your choice can kill others as surely as if you held a gun to their head.

What about long term issues with these things you are literally dying to try? Will your gut recover? (ivermectin) Or your heart? (hydroxychloroquine – HCQ)

And call me a curious cat, but why be so ready to jump on these untried things in your own hands, over the vaccines that have been in trial for 6 mths now and seen very few negative cases? Ok if you have issue with mRNA, what about another kind? They’re not all the same. Funnily enough though it’s not the mRNA ones that are getting clots, is it?

Yes you have the choice (for now) but there is a day very soon when that just won’t be the case. Then what? When there are passports, mandated vaxxes for certain jobs, to get into high traffic places like concerts, arenas for sports, maybe even some stores and malls, ….What will you do when you are the one who has to stay home, instead of the people you are putting at risk?

You’re the minority of people now. The majority are getting the vaxxes. We have spoken. Your time is up/past to convince us. So either get on board, or find yourself an island somewhere where you can stop affecting us.

And btw!! This isn’t the first time vaccines have been mandated. That is just nonsense. And that island thing isn’t exactly a joke when you think of the history of conditions like HIV/AIDS, TB and leprosy. Is it?

Time to get your head in the game. This is coming.

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