The Priest and his Concubines (a story)

The Priest and his Concubines

Jakob and his family enjoyed their time together. When he was husband and father, he was relaxed and quite fun to be around. Hardly ever stern, just on the edge of spoiling them all. But careful. When they went out together, he counted heads to be sure all of those in his charge were present at the beginning, the middle and the end of their journey. Only once had a child gone missing and he never wanted to feel that fear again. Neither did the child’s mother!

In line, each wife brought her children to their father to be counted. Wife one had 4 sons, wife two had 3, concubine one had 2 sons and a daughter, concubine two had 2 daughters. His little tribe was ready for their journey or to return home.

Each had their coat to protect them from the sand and a hat or parasol, to protect them from the desert sun.

You’d think they’d be riding donkeys or camels. But no, they had a horse and a long wagon for all the kids. A second bench seat for the concubines and the wives sat on the front with him. Jakob didn’t feel like dealing with the tension if he didn’t remember the order. First wife sat beside him. Same as at the table for the meals.

Off they went on their day’s adventure. Usually to get the dry goods first, then to the park where the concubines would watch the children while the wives went with him to the butcher, the fishmonger and the market. To trade the goods they grew for those they needed. Then they returned for the kids and went home. The women put the food away. The children went off to do their chores before they went out to play.

And Jakob went into the study to prepare his sermon, until the villagers came to him for counselling and mediation with their troubles. Until the supper bell was rung.

They ate and went to bed soon afterwards. Jakob and wife one had the bedroom tonight. They talked as they undressed, then canoodled quietly for awhile before they fell asleep.

Their day was done.


Pope Pius X

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