Advocacy vs Politicking –

Advocacy vs Politicking –

There have been so many issues that I have cared about in my lifetime, as I’m sure you can say as well. Some stood thru as they were longer term goals than others. Like environment, health, social justice. Some smaller goals within those as well.

There were larger issues as a parent that I thought were more important, and while I still care about them, they don’t affect my child or I today. ie breastfeeding. I encourage it and support moms who make that choice, but since my child is over 30, we don’t do it. It’d be weird if we did.

And there are issues she now has control over that I have to let her make her own choices on. Like when she sees a doc and which doc she has faith in. My hand still stays in that by advocating for Canada’s medical and mental health systems.

Since I’m the mom of an adult child, I have to respect her autonomy. Bump her words and opinions rather than speak for her.


It’s the same when you engage in issue advocacy as well. If I want a just world, then I have to know when the issue is mine to speak about, and when I can bump someone else’s voice. It’s a really hard line and I’m sure that I’ve made errors. But I am trying to remember that.

I can discuss the news, I can link to participants’ views. I can refer to sites and citations. And hope I get it right that the source is credible. Knowing that no group is homogenous, and views do change with time and circumstance though. So what was true 20 years ago may not be as true now.


I think that’s the major difference between advocacy and politicking. And keeping in mind when it’s my row to hoe or theirs that in the end makes my decisions a bit easier on which issues and in which way I deal with them.


Do you have a line that you consider when talking about social issues? Esp online?

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