Self Determination – Autonomy – My Body My Rights – Politicking

Self Determination – Autonomy – My Body My Rights – Politicking

This is an issue we keep bumping up against in the history of the world, and no doubt will over and over till we get the principle learned. Till we understand that if we want it for ourselves, then it belongs to others as well, whether or not we agree with them. Or their choices. It’s their path, not to be changed by us. Or we lose our rights. Well it should be anyways, right?

We can apply it to war, colonialism, imperialism, patriarchy, paternalism, religious conversion, LGBTQ+ & conversion therapy, vaccination, masks….

At least that is the principle. And it’s a LOT easier, or at least more palatable, if it’s a social question than one that not only impacts our ‘freedom’ but also threatens our life.

Or the life of our child.

Just how far are we willing and able to extend this principle?

  • Are we meant to be autonomous individuals at all costs? Or are we our ‘brother’s keeper’? Or is it more like we’re their parent than their sibling?
  • And how far does this extend when it comes to govt programs and the use of our tax dollars? To party policies that we disagree with. Can they impose them on us when we didn’t vote for them?


  • Is it relevant in war if the invader is at our shores?
  • Is it relevant in public health when there is a pandemic on?
  • Is it relevant in religion when you don’t belong to the braying praying crowd that want to tell everyone else what to do, but refuse to consider outsiders’ beliefs when it comes to their practices and opinions?
  • Can we say that if a hospital or college/university goes around preaching to their students that things have to be a certain way, then aren’t they supposed to reflect that in their admin policies as well?
  • Can we say that priests of a religion should live by the oaths and principles they espouse?
  • But then who would enforce this if we went all the way with this concept? Because with self determination, aren’t you allowed the hypocrisy as well?
  • Or are you?
  • And what about if you did intrude, then aren’t you responsible for cleaning up before you exit too?

As you see I have a LOT of questions and it may appear like I have answers by the other questions. But I’m not sure I do.

I just know that today seems to be a day of mental struggle as I watch the news.
I think I’m getting a headache.

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