Crime – Govt, police, and gangs in Canada

Crime – Govt, police, and gangs in Canada

If you want to clean up the streets in a country, besides putting in community services against poverty, or going ‘tough on crime’ (which never works and costs a fortune in prisons/jails), there is another way to reduce it. And it’s NOT by attacking the poor people. It’s by making it harder for gangs to prosper.

But you do have to buffer society as well:

  • Determine where and when the exchanges of known gang revenue sources can be exchanged.
  • Make sure that only adults/consenting, voluntary participants are involved in the exchanges. Or influenced by them.
  • And make sure that they are the only ones profiting by them.

Part of that might be in the fact that the commercials in Canada don’t include such items. And the govt thru CRTC has clear rules about content and community standards for media.

So top down, Canada is working to reduce the revenue gangs can gather inside our borders. And not attacking the poor who are just trying to get by. It’s a process though.


prostitution and porn
In Canada, a person can sell their own body, and advertise their own sexual services. No one besides them can live off their proceeds, which reduces pimps, gangs’ revenue.


In Canada, limits holding the plant in it’s forms for personal use. From regulated sellers. Also can use with doctor’s prescription.


pain relief prescribed by doctor for self. Only regulated sellers may sell. Buyers may only purchase opioids from regulated sellers.


tightening up gun ownership, transport and sales laws. Who can have them and what can they be used for. What type of gun can a citizen have?

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