Comms on Social Media – Calling Sooey to the Pigs!

Comms on Social Media – Calling Sooey to the Pigs!

I follow quite a few celebrities and politicians on social media. Some of whom are known for infamy more than any talent or stance on issues. And each time they put something onto their acct, they get that sooey response.

I am well aware such things like trolls exist. No really, I get that. But some of the comms people behind these accts seem to be looking for clicks in the stupidest fashion I’ve ever seen! As soon as I read the post I wince! I don’t need to read the comments to know just what I’ll see. Yet I do, cuzz I want to see if I’m right. I usually am.

The question is, are they doing it on purpose? Some people do want attention and negative attention is better than nothing. And it is how they got their fame. Notoriety. So if that is what they were trying for, good job and all!

But some of the people whose acct it is come back and respond. Like they’re hurt by what has happened. Ok, then dude, fire your comms team! Cuzz how stupid do they have to be to put that out there?!

And after getting all these comments after this kind of post, eventually you have to wonder, how stupid is the celebrity or politician?

For eg, since Erin O’Toole has been on Twitter (and prob his other SM pages too for all I know) he has buckled down on being a dunce. Made every stupid error there is going on his posts. J/s the people who vote for him have got to be just above brain dead. Yet he continues. Which means that his comms team let him continue.

POTUS 45 should have had his mouse taken from him by his comms team too. The Friday night rants were ridiculous!

Isn’t there a point where the comms team’s rep is on the line too? (Dude, you let him do that?? Well blow me a new one!!) Yeah no, I wouldn’t hire either agency if I wanted something done. Yet isn’t that kind of the point of taking on a client like that? To get more business? To gain prestige?

Sometimes I wonder if the comms team is working for the other party. Cuzz they are doing a brilliant job for them!

If what you are known for is notoriety, and you really want to rebrand yourself, then have a respectable agency do your comms. And rule #1 just might be: don’t recall that incident or relationship in your posts! Like ever!! Show how you have grown and changed for the better SINCE the event or relationship and most fair people will give you another chance.

I know I’m a voyeur online, not a pro at comms, but don’t the train wrecks in the comments give you a clue that something is wrong with your strategy? Like I said, yes there are trolls, they do exist. No denying that. But sometimes you have to look at what you’re putting out there too.

If you’re calling out ‘dinner!!’ to the piggies they will come for dinner.

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