The Highwayman – Lost in Time (a story)

The Highwayman – Lost in Time

Cedric was laying in the grass by the highway, waiting for a horse and buggy or stagecoach to come by on the road. They usually came by at this time of the day. But he had noticed they were running less and less often here these days. This road hadn’t been as popular as when his pappy and brothers had spent their time in the grass here waiting for some time now. Maybe he should change his spot. Had he out-used this hidey-hole?

Times were tough at home. His wife wasn’t able to get in washing from the big houses in town. They weren’t having many bairns either, so she couldn’t even get the dues of a midwife or nanny often.

His daughters couldn’t find many young ones to sit. And most of the big houses had their own staff. They weren’t putting on the big parties either. So there were no extra staff needed for those.

The town didn’t seem to draw as many visitors, so he and his sons weren’t getting time at the stables and blacksmith’s either.

Money and times were tight. He and his sons left the women folk to garden and can, and even let them sink their rods in the pond. While the menfolk went out hunting and checking the snares for small game. But the animals and fish seemed low these days as well. Their dinner table had more grubs and veg than meat these days. The meals were pretty meagre.

Which is why Cedric was here, waiting in the grass. He had to find some coin or jewels to feed his family. And all he had seen today was crazy metal things hurtling by him.

Good a shot as he was, there was no slowing them down. Was there?

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