Fringe Groups – Mobs, gangs, terrorists, survivalists, conspiracy theorist followers, cults, communes (a story/ish)

Fringe Groups – Mobs, gangs, terrorists, survivalists, conspiracy theorist followers, cults, communes

Here little dolly! Here my pet! Why are you hiding? Have you been bad again? I don’t know why you don’t listen to me. All my other pets obey me.

Oh cute! You’ve found friends! Are they nice to you? Will they obey me if I call their names out? Will they march or dance when I pull your strings? Will they wear the cute outfits pets should wear for their owners? The ones that look just like mine? I spent so much time and money getting them just right, ya know?

Will they play with the toys I bought? The ones that hurt their pride and promote greed? That break after they’ve been played with only a time or two? That kill our planet?

Will they eat the food we all do?

Will they speak the same as we do?

What do you mean no!!?

Well then, it’s us or them! You know our rules and rites. You can stay if you follow them. But your disobedient friends? Yeah they have to go!


What is it about society that causes it’s splintering?

  • Is it illegal to separate from the larger group because you don’t agree with how things go?
  • Does it make a difference if you are right and what your little group does is for the betterment of your group?
  • Does it make a difference if your actions that attack society are in self defence of your members?
  • Are you allowed to gather food and supplies for your group? Despite sanctions applied by society?
  • Are you allowed to gather and make money without being seen as the problem by society?
  • Or are you supposed to wither and die because your group finds society to be immoral? Even if it is?


These questions are timeless and the answer leaders and members who get along in society give is a resounding ‘no you cannot!’

You must comply, whether or not you agree. Because society is a demi-urge. You are judged as moral and sane only by compliance to society’s standards. If you stand alone, you will likely find yourself incarcerated in jail or in a mental health facility. It depends on the group whether an individual can be different, don’t ya know. But mostly no.

You find out in school, your religious group and in your childhood home that you must fit in. It’s imperative. The alternative is labels. Delayed, evil, disobedient, mentally ill…. It comes down to the same thing.

In order to justify their existence, you must be seen as the misfit.

If you return and ask for another chance, society will pat your head and let you in, conditionally. Some form of monitor and compliance with conditions of surrender will get you back in their good graces. They will make you their poster ‘child’ of redemption, of how good they are for letting you back in. Does it matter that they were what shoved you out in the first place? Nope. Will they ever completely trust you again? Nope.

That is the price of society seeing the majority as necessary to good governance and a healthy group. Assimilation.

And that means, dear folk, that society is the evil one.

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