The Slaves, the Criminals and the Schools First – Waves of Colonialism. from Earth to the Skies (Branson, Bezos) – a story/ish

The Slaves, the Criminals and the Schools First – Waves of Colonialism. from Earth to the Skies (Branson, Bezos)

At the four corners of the earth, a holy woman stood. Listening to the voices of mothers and fathers crying over their children’s bodies. Listening to the screams of slaves, prisoners and school aged children as they were ‘taught’ to work, ‘taught’ to become what had never been wanted by them. Listening to the peoples who were lost in the veils of time, of the words that were never heard spoken again, of the customs lost to time.

And the wise women sang to each other, to soothe their broken hearts, to gain solace and hope for a better tomorrow. Even though they presumed there wouldn’t be any great change.

Desperate peoples had found each other and were in a timeless tussle for the earth that would only end if there was a new planet to conquer. Did that begin when they landed on the moon? July 20, 1969

Or would it begin now that the rich were busy gathering their clients for shuttles? (Branson July 11,21 / Bezos July 20, 21)

The wise women’s heads were spinning at all the possibilities. All the things that could have been so different for the people of the land if the faithful hadn’t spread their gods by their swords. If they had shown some sense in how many people had children and how many.

The wise women saw the dust gathering, wave after wave of plague, famine and drought crossing the planet. And they cried. Now might come the end. Unless the greedy learned their lesson? Or would colonialism spread to the universe now?


You can hear the feet of soldiers marching across lands that they wanted. the tides shoved onto land by the boats of trade, conquest and settlement, the chants of priests and settlers who came to escape persecution in their land of birth.

If the lands had been empty, things would have been so different. But no matter which way their prows turned, they found people there already. People with customs and culture, with language and families. That mattered at first, when the numbers were small, at home and in the new country. But that didn’t last long.

  • Maybe it was the conditions that led to the black death of
    1346 – 1352 or 1620?
  • Maybe it was the schism of the Christian church that began in the early 16th C?
    Does why matter when so many screams came after? When so many people are still dying due to colonialism and it’s attitudes?
    Is there a way for things to be healed, to really change what has been wrought in the name of God, king or queen, and conquest?

…. resources

(In 1415, the Portuguese Empire used convicts as part of an expeditionary force sent to conquer the Moroccan presidio (fort) of Ceuta in North Africa.)
slavetrade began in 15th C
(residential schools in Canada can be traced as far back as the 17th century)
Colonial America (1492-1763) European nations came to the Americas to increase their wealth and broaden their influence over world affairs. … Many of the people who settled in the New World came to escape religious persecution.
European thirst for global dominance began with the Portugese (1488) and Spanish (1492).

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