‘Action Figures’ Fun and Fitness Merch Collections – Dolls for Boys?

‘Action Figures’ Fun and Fitness Merch Collections – Dolls for Boys?

You know you’re famous when….. some company wants to make you or your character into a doll. (Or maybe this is about me just finishing streaming Dollhouse? )

  • Do the action figures help promote fitness when they’re sports stars?
  • Do they promote boys playing with dolls, and in what way? Do dads ever worry their son is just a bit too interested in them?
  • Or do they just promote some corporation wanting you to spend money on their collectibles?
  • And then there is the factor that might actually get the parents involved: These dolls can be worth a fortune! But only if they are in mint condition (never taken out of the box, never plaid with) and/or rare.

But what is in it for the person who poses for the doll? I got my daughter a ‘Michael Jordan’ doll (feminist thing – I wanted to provide an alt to ‘Barbie’) when they were out.

I know he got a share of whatever merch his name was involved with.

  • But does everyone who poses?
  • Or just those with clout? With good contracts, agents, lawyers, managers….attached to a good, reputable studio.
  • How long are the contract for where a company can use their image for these things? * And do the people have a say in how they are used or marketed?
  • Can they sue if the company does something offensive with the doll?
  • Does a star ever say, ‘ya know, I’m feeling overexposed here’?
  • Do the stars ever feel like they’re infantilized?

What do you think of these plastic disposables? Are they somewhat questionable in what they promote and how they do it? Or should this be filed in the ‘too woke’ category?


Bobbleheads include sports stars, pop culture figures, and notable people wikipedia definition


An action figure is a poseable character toy figurine made most commonly of plastic, and often based upon characters from a film, comic book, military, video game or television program; fictional or historical. These figures are usually marketed toward boys and adult collectors wikipedia definition

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