‘Sex Sells!’ – Marketing and Merch in Fashion

‘Sex Sells!’ – Marketing and Merch in Fashion

Society has gone back and forth on whether nudity is actually sexy or not. I’m not sure where you stand on this, but nudity to me is only sexy if it’s someone I actually want to see nude. (That famous scene in American Gigolo where Richard Gere gave us a full frontal view. Yep that worked/works for me!) To someone else he might have gotten marks for fitness if not for body parts they like/d)

Some people, including women, are sexier to me when they have cute lingerie on and are fit, or wearing a sexy outfit.

And some people it’s all about the ‘tude! Sassy, flirty, fun, wicked, smart, funny…. and they just rock. They are unique. For exactly those same reasons, I used to have a crush on both Warren Beatty and his sister Shirley MacLaine. When they were fit and special, they could not be beaten. Not in my books.


So if someone were marketing to me, how would they go about meeting my ideas of what sexy is? Unless they had clones, they’d be better off sticking to ‘tude or clothes than naked bodies.


And if they wanted to sell me stuff based on that sexy ‘tude, it’d be lingerie or clothes that skim their fit bodies and outlast one engagement. That are fun and unique. Appeal to my senses, touch (smooth, soft) and visual (colourful).


I’m just not sure that they’d want my taste though. I tend to run with high end designers like Coco Chanel, Donna Karan. Classic, simple lines and silhouettes that move with the body. The kind you pay an arm and leg for. Because they stand the test of time. They don’t do fads. The kind that don’t do nude. Yet they make women look sexy, fit and stunning. So you want to slowly take her clothes off. Or maybe shove her against the wall and lift her skirts. Because the lady may be a sex kitten too.


If you were to build a picture of who could sell you things based on sex appeal, and that alone, who would it be? Would they be nude, or barely showing their ankle? Do you want a Rubenesque woman, or Twiggy? Do you want Dwayne Johnson with all his bulgy muscles? Or Sheldon? (You never know, do you?


Yes. body image and dress are cultural.


Or do you just want to see the thing they’re selling? Keep the people out of the picture all together.


Companies spend a fortune investigating where their target audience is on these scales. And if you’re good at predictions like this, you’re hired for life.

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