Widow MacDonald (a story)

Widow MacDonald

She was supposed to be a small farm wife till she and her husband died of old age, in some comfort. Watching their grand babies tottle around on the cottage lot, while their parents worked at the main house or in the fields. A gentle retirement.

This wasn’t the plan for her life. But she’d never shied away from work or people. So maybe she had a fighting chance? And she had some good mead recipes and a good port.

So the widow went into town with the few dollars she had and opened an ale house.

There was room in the back for starters and grain storage. And a small kitchen where she could make bar snacks. To keep the punters happy and maybe a little less prone to dust ups at the bar tables. Not that the villagers were layabouts. But they might have a bad day.

The widow quickly got into the swing of things. She hired a couple teenagers whose families where poorer and needed the income to help out. The girls chopped veg and watched pots, and the boys did the lifting and serving. There’d be no monkey business in her bar.

Widow MacDonald kept a stern eye over everything and settled into long days of pouring for the men in the main room. And set up a tea and sandwiches’ room in case any of her old friends wanted to come by and visit.

And she took a few dollars home to the farm and some candies for her grandbabies.

She and her son went over the books together and she was proud when he thought she was doing a good enough job to keep the ale house going.

Widow MacDonald was independent. And quite enjoying herself.

Separating the Covidiots

Separating the Covidiots

Free-dumb fighters, anti-gubmant and anti-libtards who are :

Anti-vaxxers :

  • those who are concerned about big pharma and the govt having control of our lives and health
  • those who think things have gone a wee bit quick
  • and those who think they’re putting chips in the vaxxes to track and/or control us. (Course you’d have no phone, internet or computerized cars/trucks and live in the country, right?)

anti-maskers :

  • those who have health issues that make breathing harder
  • infants and toddlers
  • those who have gorgeous smiles
  • those who have hearing issues (but you can get clear masks so you can still lip read)
  • those who think they put chips in them to track us (Course you’d have no phone, internet or computerized cars/trucks and live in the country, right?)

anti-lockdowns :

  • those who aren’t essential services or businesses
    and can’t seem to adapt to take out/curb-side or delivery
  • those who cannot adapt their jobs to work from home, or find a way to socialize online (zoom, discord, skype, FB messenger aren’t good enough for you?)
  • In Canada, those who don’t qualify for govt subsidy for themselves or their employees.
  • Churches that need bums in the pews to tithe and control their peeps.


Tomorrow is the big rally for y’all in Toronto. Cuzz the premier thinks it’s all about the planes, and you might be able to slip under the radar.

FYI the sane people are taking any road out of town before you get there. Bumper to bumper traffic going out of town. So glad I don’t live there!!


Since you have no phone or internet, and don’t believe MSM, I won’t tell you where they’re all meeting!!

The Long Conflict in the Middle East

The Long Conflict in the Middle East

….. my waiver

NB I’ve chosen to close comments on this post after hours of thought. I know there are people with family involved in this struggle, even in North America, and Canada.. And I know the area and it’s people are often the target of bigotry and hate crimes. I won’t allow that on any post I write. So I’ve erred on the side of caution, if I’ve erred at all.
I know it’s a complex issue, with a long painful history that can’t be told in one sitting. And shouldn’t be just in my voice. So I’ve included links to the peoples’ voices involved.

……… the post

Besides land disputes, the area of the middle east has had conflicts, empires and eight crusades go thru it for so long, blood must be a forensic component of the soil.

But the biggest issues besides land are water (mostly a desert), oil (which is where the US comes in ) and religion (the birth of the Judaic, Muslem, Bahai, Zoroastrian and Christian religions). As well as the armies led by nations, there have been armies led by religions, and terrorist groups (if you think they are/were all Muslems you need to read more history and poli-sci).

Trade routes like the Silk Road went thru there and so did robbers who attacked the caravans at every opportunity.

You can add on to this hotbed of a place several area epidemics and now a pandemic, and you have yet another reason for conflict to rear again.

Other than that history, trade and geography that influences the ill feelings, I am not versed enough in the area to speak about what is going on today over the Gaza strip.

But what I do know for sure is that it’s far from simple. And people are dying. They have been for centuries.

May the gods they all believe in bring peace and healing to the people.

middle east genocides

(that I know of- not being a history major)


(city of faith for Jews, Muslems and Christians)
the temple mount

Who Produces the Worker? Beyond Traditional Marxism

Who Produces the Worker? Beyond Traditional Marxism

The system of capitalism is based on a company having workers to provide goods and services. They may not appreciate or care for their workers, but they do need them?

To them, the family takes care of raising and prepping the worker. And that is as far as it goes. The company doesn’t think they bear any responsibility to raise or train this worker.

The govt gathers taxes for the worker’s education. Till they are of age to serve their country, anyways. The military will educate the worker, if they can make use of their skills for the war machine. Tech and mechanical skills being the best assets, outside military history and/or leadership and manoeuvres.

Other than that, a strict capitalist society will not pay for education.

So who is responsible? The family.

But then that is the same family who is over-burdened by taxes and debts.

What alts are there to family? In a strict capitalist system, they could only be met thru slavery &/or immigration.

That is the traditional view.

Maybe there is another way to look at it though?
Social Reproduction Theory, suggests one:

The worker is only possible because the worker is supported and gets their needs met.

Sleep, food, social support, water, a clean house, health care….The community and the govt are supposed to be responsible for these. But isn’t the company as well?

With the advent of TNCs and globalization rather than a system where the local structure had the factory owner living in the same community as their workers, it’s getting harder and harder to make the ‘boss’ care if their workers live well, if they ever did.

Which means that the worker isn’t as valuable to the company as they could be. Not as trained and not as cared for. Which means that either the company has to have more workers or produce less.

Q – Do You Think Men are Becoming More Feminine These Days?

Q – Do You Think Men are Becoming More Feminine These Days?

In the history of time, some men’s roles in society have changed from being more active/creative to more cerebral/passive/repetitive.

  • A farmer would reap and sow, take care of the animals and the bldgs on the farm.
  • A cottage worker would build or renew some object for sale &/or for their community.
  • A craftsman or trade-worker would create something new and relevant to their group’s needs.
  • A hunter would catch and kill his own family’s meat and some of their clothing sources.

They would be busy all day and sometimes far into the night. They wouldn’t need a gym or special diet to keep themselves fit and trim. They would be burning energy and everyone would see it spent.

But what does a man do who spends his day on a chair? Looking at a computer screen?

Some men have female supervisors, does that mean they are subservient? Some men have careers that are seen as traditionally female ones. Does that change how they are perceived?

And since women are more involved in the community and in the labour-force, if they cannot afford alt carers for the kids, dad is obliged to participate. In housework and childcare.

Some dads become the primary carer, since mom is able to earn more.

Does that mean his aggression-focus is changing/adapting to our new(er) society? Or does it mean he’s becoming more feminine? Is it feminine, or even a change in him, if it’s a male trend?

Is caring/serving feminine?

According to groups like MRA and incels, it means that men are losing their focus on who they are and need to be.

What are your thoughts on whether men are or aren’t more feminine? Is it the task, role or the attitude/focus that makes a man masculine or feminine?

Unpaid Labour – What is Your Time, Your Diligence Worth? How Easily Are You Replaced?

Unpaid Labour – What is Your Time, Your Diligence Worth? How Easily Are You Replaced?

The list of what you do and how skilled it is gets longer as you go up the social ladder. But it also means you can afford to have someone else do it as paid labour.

  • childcare
  • housekeeping
  • social secretary
  • office assistant
  • hostess

When it comes to such things as estate planning and divorce/custody, or if you are taken ill and cannot continue these tasks, it becomes challenging to place a dollar value on these tasks. But without that ‘little lady’ tending the home fires, or at least supervising those who do the tasks, no man would get ahead.

And that’s just inside the home. There are also carer occupations where you do things you can’t get paid for. Or you stay overtime to clear your task list.

Like teaching:

  • marking
  • lesson planning

Like counter-staff:

  • cleaning
  • cash outs
  • phone inquiries

Or nursing:

  • report
  • checking in on that one patient
  • answering worried patient, parent questions on your way out
  • staying over because your relief is held up and the floor or home cannot be left unattended

Everyone knows these tasks must be done and it takes skill to do them. But because they are primarily seen as women’s occupations, and many BIPOC women do them, they are under-valued.

And that is even before tasks that are specific to fertility are added. No man can get pregnant, carry a child to term, breast-feed… yet they have no problem trying to police these activities. And put no economic value on them. What would society and cultures/religions do if all women refused to continue doing these things? We know the answer, don’t we? The world would literally end. In one generation.

Never has this become clearer than now with pandemic response being laid out so heavily onto these shoulders.

Yet we’re still having to explain why things like paid sick days, minimum wage and benefits are critical. Today at least, the doctors are joining the unions to call for these workers to be properly supported.

But some parties worse than others, the govt still doesn’t seem to hear how necessary these wage for care or service discussions are.

If there was any torch that feminists have carried thru the years that has had worth, it’s this one. And it has been carried thru the farm, cottage work, and industrial complex eras.

Women (and some men) are not valued if they care or serve. Yet that is who we need to value the most. We literally couldn’t survive without them.

World Press Freedom Day – May 3, 2021

World Press Freedom Day – May 3, 2021

World Press Freedom Day theme “Information as a Public Good”
In the midst of a pandemic, the media could be a force for good, truth and actually help save lives. Do you think they’ve done that?

We’ve certainly seen some really really bad examples of what that freedom entails. But some reporters have stood up for their traditions and practice. They’ve been in the trenches with protestors, in war theatres, and gone to jail to tell an important story.
Sure there are those who make the field look bad. But today, let’s ask media what it takes to be a good journalist. Let’s ask ourselves what we should be looking for from them.