Feminism – Have you heard of ‘Stand Point Theory’? (plus pandemic and vaccine hesitancy)

Feminism – Have you heard of ‘Stand Point Theory’? (plus pandemic and vaccine hesitancy)

Getting into a debate and being stuck at

‘you’re wrong cuzz I know better than you, these theorists are smarter, their studies, their school is better,’….

is a waste of time. Yet again.

Even science is all about perspective. As a woman, as a mother who gave birth, I have had a different life than any doctor or man can know. Unless that is their life too. A man can only know child birth thru observation.

So sure, you could legit say that you did an OBGYN rotation in med school. You could even legit say you’re an OBGYN. You could even say you’ve been in it like forever and seen a LOT. And be right.

But there are some things that you just cannot say unless you’ve been thru it.

And that goes for things that are cultural, racial and gendered experiences. So sometimes even the brightest doctors on the planet have to take as gospel from their patient’s experience. That make researchers and scientists have to listen first.

They’re even finding culture/history to be a factor in anti-vaxxers. And how do you blame them when the govts have experimented in black and indigenous communities. How do you trust someone holding a needle and saying ‘this is good for you’?

How do correct for culture in the way it’s all represented? Can you even think you’re being ‘aware’ or ‘sensitive’ to that complex a history? Who can present this issue to the group and communicate the urgency to the hesitant members?

That is the gist behind stand point theory That your experience determines your POV, not just your education or logic.

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