Bill C-10 Media Regulation in Canada

Bill C-10 Media Regulation in Canada


Recently, the media and the opposition leader of Canada have been harping about this act. They say it means that you and I are being denied our freedom of expression. You and I aren’t losing any rights. MSM and govt officials are being curbed if anyone.

And in a day when Canadian artists have to fight to get on our airwaves, this act is a good thing. It protects our culture.

It’s not Bill C-10 that stops you from posting hate or sedition, or sites that don’t regulate kiddy porn or sexual trafficking. That is the Criminal Code.

It’s not Bill C-10 that protects your freedom of expression, that is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Bill C-10 regulates the sites themselves and MSM. It makes them post more Canadian content and it makes them be more aware of what their members post. Like Porn Hub which was caught with it’s pants down this past year.

After this past year of Trump and Q-conspiracies, how can this be a bad thing?

Don’t let the politicians tell you what this change means to you. Look for yourself. Makes you wonder what they’re posting if they are so scared though, doesn’t it? Have you looked at the Conservative politicians’ websites lately? (hint hint!) What is your mayor, MP, or MPP putting out there?

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