She Hunts Her Own Clan – A Story for World Goth Day!

She Hunts Her Own Clan – A Story for World Goth Day!

You see them everywhere. But if you can’t see their auras, you’d never know that they were anything other than human.

But Priscilla could see them. Heck, she is one of them.

So why would she hunt her own kind?

Priscilla had always been a maverick in the vampire world. And it had gotten some shade thrown at her. She was ok with that. Really. She took her lumps and walked away in peace.

But that hadn’t been enough for her clan. When they didn’t get the reaction they wanted from her, they went after her family. The frail, the loners, even some of the kids.

Because they thought they could get away with it. They thought she wasn’t paying attention. They thought she was so placid that they could do anything they wanted to her blood.

They were wrong.

Every member of hers they went after, she hunted down one of their leaders. Even not knowing them by name or lair, she knew them because their aura was different than the ordinary members.

More streaked with darker colours like black, dark grey, wine colours. Sometimes they had a brown or golden shimmer. She was only powerful enough to take out one at a time, they were so strong.

Priscilla could sneak up on them, because they never considered her a threat. Till the axe or machete she carried was against their neck, from the back. They were stupid enough to turn their backs on her.

To be sure even their spirit couldn’t tell the tale, she burned their corpses, and scattered the ash to the winds.

Nobody caught on that she was the one killing their own leaders. But people did notice they were disappearing soon enough.

Leaders didn’t wander off.

The elders were looking for a human hunter in the area. And it never dawned on them that Priscilla was on a journey of vengeance. She played meek and mild. Subservient to the laws of the clan. Bowing to the hierarchy.

Those who never bothered with Priscilla’s family or friends never lost a leader. But nobody made that connection.

Vampires are known for being arrogant.

  • Should Priscilla have stood up for herself in the first place?
  • Would her having done that protected those in her circle?
    Not likely.

And it would have tipped off the clan that she wasn’t the lap dog they thought she was. Then they might be looking for her now, instead of some human.

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