Lady Ryal Vass – (a story)

Lady Ryal Vass

Lady Vass was from old money, that went bankrupt, and barely had the family land left. And she married a man of similar title and constraints. Blood was plenty, money was not.

Lord Vass was often wandering the world, trying to gather wealth with odd trades. And when he was away, Lady Vass would sort their books and holdings for the collectors. All because she had his name and letter of introduction.

And when he died, Lady Vass took her expertise with numbers and a tight budget off to the town centre. She rented a back room for her trade and put a sign in the shop window. Just to flush out the room, she put out the curios and tools her husband had loved to collect that she now had no use for. It was all about presentation. Like she had plenty to sell.

And it made a difference. Punters came in just to look and see what she had on display. Even if they had nothing to hold or didn’t need money, she often had a few coin from them by the end of their visit.

Lady Vass had the eye for real art and value. But she also had a kind heart. The two traits vied for each other in her dealings. She didn’t always want to buy what they had to offer, but she could see they were in need. She also often saw that what she was keen to keep and sell, they wanted back. It had real meaning to them or their family.

So she didn’t always do well money-wise. But she built a good reputation. And sometimes that has more value than the day’s takings did. Just not always when she could use a few extra coin herself.

But Lady Vass stuck with it. And eventually was able to see to her own needs, have a few clerks for the shop so she could have some fun again. And not much later, she opened another shop in the next town over.

That was the way you did business when you were a lady, a person of good moral fibre and had a kind heart. That was Lady Vass’s thoughts anyways. And apparently the locals agreed.

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