The Long Conflict in the Middle East

The Long Conflict in the Middle East

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NB I’ve chosen to close comments on this post after hours of thought. I know there are people with family involved in this struggle, even in North America, and Canada.. And I know the area and it’s people are often the target of bigotry and hate crimes. I won’t allow that on any post I write. So I’ve erred on the side of caution, if I’ve erred at all.
I know it’s a complex issue, with a long painful history that can’t be told in one sitting. And shouldn’t be just in my voice. So I’ve included links to the peoples’ voices involved.

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Besides land disputes, the area of the middle east has had conflicts, empires and eight crusades go thru it for so long, blood must be a forensic component of the soil.

But the biggest issues besides land are water (mostly a desert), oil (which is where the US comes in ) and religion (the birth of the Judaic, Muslem, Bahai, Zoroastrian and Christian religions). As well as the armies led by nations, there have been armies led by religions, and terrorist groups (if you think they are/were all Muslems you need to read more history and poli-sci).

Trade routes like the Silk Road went thru there and so did robbers who attacked the caravans at every opportunity.

You can add on to this hotbed of a place several area epidemics and now a pandemic, and you have yet another reason for conflict to rear again.

Other than that history, trade and geography that influences the ill feelings, I am not versed enough in the area to speak about what is going on today over the Gaza strip.

But what I do know for sure is that it’s far from simple. And people are dying. They have been for centuries.

May the gods they all believe in bring peace and healing to the people.

middle east genocides

(that I know of- not being a history major)


(city of faith for Jews, Muslems and Christians)
the temple mount

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