Who Produces the Worker? Beyond Traditional Marxism

Who Produces the Worker? Beyond Traditional Marxism

The system of capitalism is based on a company having workers to provide goods and services. They may not appreciate or care for their workers, but they do need them?

To them, the family takes care of raising and prepping the worker. And that is as far as it goes. The company doesn’t think they bear any responsibility to raise or train this worker.

The govt gathers taxes for the worker’s education. Till they are of age to serve their country, anyways. The military will educate the worker, if they can make use of their skills for the war machine. Tech and mechanical skills being the best assets, outside military history and/or leadership and manoeuvres.

Other than that, a strict capitalist society will not pay for education.

So who is responsible? The family.

But then that is the same family who is over-burdened by taxes and debts.

What alts are there to family? In a strict capitalist system, they could only be met thru slavery &/or immigration.

That is the traditional view.

Maybe there is another way to look at it though?
Social Reproduction Theory, suggests one:

The worker is only possible because the worker is supported and gets their needs met.

Sleep, food, social support, water, a clean house, health care….The community and the govt are supposed to be responsible for these. But isn’t the company as well?

With the advent of TNCs and globalization rather than a system where the local structure had the factory owner living in the same community as their workers, it’s getting harder and harder to make the ‘boss’ care if their workers live well, if they ever did.

Which means that the worker isn’t as valuable to the company as they could be. Not as trained and not as cared for. Which means that either the company has to have more workers or produce less.

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