Q – Do You Think Men are Becoming More Feminine These Days?

Q – Do You Think Men are Becoming More Feminine These Days?

In the history of time, some men’s roles in society have changed from being more active/creative to more cerebral/passive/repetitive.

  • A farmer would reap and sow, take care of the animals and the bldgs on the farm.
  • A cottage worker would build or renew some object for sale &/or for their community.
  • A craftsman or trade-worker would create something new and relevant to their group’s needs.
  • A hunter would catch and kill his own family’s meat and some of their clothing sources.

They would be busy all day and sometimes far into the night. They wouldn’t need a gym or special diet to keep themselves fit and trim. They would be burning energy and everyone would see it spent.

But what does a man do who spends his day on a chair? Looking at a computer screen?

Some men have female supervisors, does that mean they are subservient? Some men have careers that are seen as traditionally female ones. Does that change how they are perceived?

And since women are more involved in the community and in the labour-force, if they cannot afford alt carers for the kids, dad is obliged to participate. In housework and childcare.

Some dads become the primary carer, since mom is able to earn more.

Does that mean his aggression-focus is changing/adapting to our new(er) society? Or does it mean he’s becoming more feminine? Is it feminine, or even a change in him, if it’s a male trend?

Is caring/serving feminine?

According to groups like MRA and incels, it means that men are losing their focus on who they are and need to be.

What are your thoughts on whether men are or aren’t more feminine? Is it the task, role or the attitude/focus that makes a man masculine or feminine?

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