in the garden (a story)

in the garden

It was a sad day, so like all other sad days, Josie went looking for solace in the garden.
She spent some time with the flowers, looking at the colour and smiling open faces and feeling a little better.

She spent some time among the herbs, seeing their greenery and thinking of all the lovely things she could make with them in her kitchen.
And she felt a little better.

She gathered the herbs and flowers in her gardening apron and took them into the house.

She could smell each and every thing she had gathered and the perfumery lightened her mood.

Josie put the flowers in a vase and started chopping the herbs for a savoury pie.

And added some fresh veg she had gathered yesterday and popped them all into a pastry she always had for just such occasion.

And gloried in the smell of fresh produce and crust baking. Looking forward to eating the offering. And the bell sounded on the timer.

She withdrew the pie and set it to cool. It would be perfect tomorrow for lunch. When her two friends came to join her. It would be a merry time.

And now Josie felt much better.

Setting Up an Easter Hunt (Pandemic Version)

Setting Up an Easter Hunt (Pandemic Version)

🐇 was 🍳 for a 🥕. Not an 🥚.
Which might explain why he was ok with social distancing from the 🐔🐔 🏠 .
So 🐇 went to the garden. 🦊 was lazing there in the 🌞 and waved at 🐇 so 🐇 kept to the other end of the garden. 🥕 🥕 were tasty and all, but not worth getting 🦊 germs 🤮 . Better safe than sorry 🐇 said. And kept away from 🦊 .
🐖 was there rolling in the mud near the 🌺🌻🌹🌼. It seems they had just been watered. 🐖 waved at 🐇 and 🐇 kept away. Everybody knows 🐖🐖 are pretty clean, even though they like mud. But still they have germs. 🤮
🐶🐱🐭 were chasing each other around the garden and 🐇 sat for a minute and watched. Then 🐇 waved and went over to the 🥕 patch. Finally, 🐇 could have his treat.
It was a good day after all!