Pandemic Response – Toronto Hospitals are Overwhelmed

Pandemic Response – Toronto Hospitals are Overwhelmed

Finally the Ontario govt is calling out for help as our hospitals are overwhelmed, esp in Toronto. Ontario alone has almost half of Canada’s cases. Mostly due to Ford’s incompetence and grand-standing. And he has up till now refused every federal offer of help just so he could Trudeau-bash. Maybe his staffer coming down with the virus and Ford having to isolate has finally brought the point home to him that he could get it too?


but help is arriving.

  • Healthcare workers from Newfoundland and Labrador arrive at Pearson International Airport. The team of nine will be helping to treat COVID-19 patients in hard hit Toronto hospitals
  • three doctors and six critical care nurses,
  • The Canadian Armed Forces to deploy nine ICU nurses and up to three multipurpose medical assistance teams in the province as well, though it is unclear when they will arrive.
  • Public Safety Minister Bill Blair also said on Tuesday that 62 health professionals from the federal government have volunteered to help in Ontario hospitals, including doctors and nurses who work in prisons or for Indigenous Services Canada.
  • a temporary field hospital that was set up on the grounds of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre earlier this month has now begun accepting patient transfers,


How does this happen in a G7 nation with socialized medicine? It takes one word since no other premier has allowed things to get this bad…… FORD.

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