What Do You Think Feminism Is?

What Do You Think Feminism Is?

Practically every day there is some feminist discussion, or at least pro-women discussion online.

Things like: pay gaps, pink ghettoes, birthing rights/body autonomy, women in the work force, unpaid work/domestic life and caring,…. I could go on and on.

And every woman in these discussions has an opinion. As do many men, whether it’s their place or not.

Some of the discussion turns into fights because we disagree on what it means to be a feminist.

I guess my distinction between feminism and pro-women is:

  • Feminism is about the collective effort women make to have a seat at the power table. To help enact laws and vote for things that affect women and to have a voice in that process. To rep ourselves.
  • Being pro-women means supporting and encouraging women to live their best life. To make their own choices for themselves and those they love. Lifting them up. Meeting them where they are and helping them make their own decisions.

Do you think I have it right? Is there a common definition? What do you have to say?

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