Responsibility – Where are you in the power structure?

Responsibility – Where are you in the power structure?

When was the last time that the world order was changed for bad or good? We’ve had some minor edits, but TBH last one was when the United Nations was formed. Some aims have been focused on, like the Paris Agreement on the environment. But yeah we’ve been kind of stuck in limbo since 24 October 1945. And that is an ongoing political hot mess in many ways that may need some re-structuring.

The same countries have the biggest wedges of the power pie and no matter how they behave, guess who keeps their power? They do. Guess who benefits from their relationship? Those with the most power of course. Some sections do trade seats, but the primary seats stay in the same hands. So things are run in a way that suits them.

Then we have the corporatocracy. The large companies that are multi-national. They have no place that taxes or controls them. Or even sees to their workers’ wage, safety and welfare. No one who oversees their product or it’s safety. At best, a country can refuse to allow it’s sales within their borders. But that does more harm than good to the country when they aren’t competing with other countries at par.

Each nation is responsible for their people and culture. Thru trade and tourism, they provide for their people. They offer media, which for the most part isn’t in-country. There are multi-national chains that want franchise space in as many towns as they can get. And somehow the country has to protect it’s own identity and citizens. Offer something unique so people with disposable income will want to travel there.

And finally, the people. They live in cities or villages for the most part, where they are policed into acceptable behaviour by doctors, social workers and police officers. And if they attend a cultural club or temple of some form, their leaders. They also have to follow the directions of their employers and colleagues.

So when someone suggests that little guy Joe or Jane has power or influence? It’s pretty naive. Yes, you could vote for another party. But does that actually change things like the amount of your salary that actually stays in your control? Like who polices you and your children?

And we do have a certain amount of drives and fears that influence us, bonds that hold us to our groups and we aren’t all well. So sometimes we act up.

So if someone comes along and asks us to follow their philosophy, can we? Maybe. But sooner or later, we’re going to hit a road block, aren’t we?

And that’s not affecting the poor, the frail or the elders of our nations, whether that nation is rich or poor, advanced or third world.

And each country has it’s pecking order of people/groups that they sabotage and try to control or assimilate into the larger order. Based on biases like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class/caste, education….Very few make it to the top of that hierarchy.

Then we have to start the list over again.

The pandemic is showing us that the world needs changing. but are we doing anything to change? At all?

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