Witness : Do you Know what a Loaded Question is?

Witness : Do you Know what a Loaded Question is?

Whether you are being held and interrogated by the police, military, or even a potential boss or a jealous partner, watch for questions that aren’t really questions. They tell you within the structure, tone and content what they want to hear from you, instead of giving you a clear path to express your opinion and needs.

Questions that are more open often begin with the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where and why) and how and are fairly short. They don’t give you any detail of what they know, but ask what you know instead. They aren’t intended to catch you in a lie either, or prove themselves right.


for eg. What did you do last night? When did you get home?
vs Since I heard your car pull in and saw you staggering in, will you confirm you arrived home drunk and at 3 am?


for eg. What cologne is that you’re wearing? Is it new?
vs I smell a woman’s perfume on you. Is it Sherry’s? It sure smells like it! Did you kiss Sherry?

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