Witness – How This Person Sees it (the Pikangikum tribe crisis)

Witness – How This Person Sees it (the Pikangikum tribe crisis)

Much as we may try to assimilate and clone each other with our fads and commercialism, we are still the products of our cultures and beliefs. So when we see something new or familiar, we add it to the frames or schema we already have.

  • If the experience is in our comfort zone, we might feel less anxious as we tell the story of something we saw.
  • If it relates to something we already know, we might be able to recall more details.
  • If we feel safe with the person asking the questions, we might tell more of the story we saw.

Some groups will feel safer than others, as 2020 has shown us if we weren’t aware before. In the USA, BLM showed us that the black people didn’t feel safe among the police and why. As 2020 has shown us that First Nations people don’t feel safe, and haven’t for awhile.

2020-21 has shown us that the Asian community is feeling unsafe as well.

So how does authority get someone who feels unsafe to tell them when something is wrong and describe it accurately so something can be done. When the witness and the police don’t have a good history,

  • how can they work well together to tell the story that needs to be told, so a crime can be solved?
  • Even to determine what is considered a crime.

Things seem to be coming to a head again in Canada, besides the land defending and eco-defence.

The Pikangikum tribe has basically kicked the govt’s police off the reserve and intend to work with their own peace keepers. So the govt is pushing back by refusing them govt health workers during a pandemic. Doctors for Defunding Police has put together a letter of concern on this issue.

And as the hostility climbs again, the story changes in how it gets told.

But this is where it was at the beginning of Canada before there was a national govt:

voices of the first people who came to Canada, the First Nations and the Norse/Vikings talking about ancestry beliefs.

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