Changing the World – What Can John Smith and Jane Doe (You) Do to Make Things Better?

Changing the World – What Can John Smith and Jane Doe (You) Do to Make Things Better?

So many people figure the world is something they have no impact on. It’s too big for one person to change, to improve. But if you consider what you think your world and the world you want for your kids to have, what do you see? And what do you want to be?

And at a time when things are pretty dire and even the leaders of the world are fumbling and going nuts, what can little you do?

It may not be the big picture you can change, but thinking about what is important to you can lead to you at least casting a more informed vote. While it’s true that nothing you do may be relevant to the big parties and their frontmen, it maybe true that you (pl) with your friends, family, co-workers and even neighbourhood can make your voice heard.

So once you’ve found your ideals, you can spread your mssg to the people around you and discuss them. You can hop on social media and get involved in the discussions. Follow the party that most fits your ideals and find out what they’re talking about. Follow nat’l media and independents and see what the topic of the day is. Follow big schools and see what they’re posting about.

Post, repost, and then bring them to your dinner table discussions with family and friends, and your coffee break with colleagues. Back and forth.

The word will spread and it’s possible you will become influential in those chats.

Today looks dismal due to the pandemic, the climate, unemployment, fascism seems to be on the rise again, so many deaths and mourning.

And maybe at this time, since you’re on the internet, you can look up some course you’ve always wanted to take about these things and learn more about what you can do to influence the systems. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few months. I’ve improved my skills in things studied previously that are relevant now, learned new aspects of old loves and new things I couldn’t get to before that I always wanted to learn. Like anthropology courses. I just couldn’t seem to fit them into my course load before for some reason. But maybe the universe was saying I need this info now. I’m ready to hear it now. So now it’s available.

There are courses online now that are free or low fee at some of the best schools in the world. And I love that sooooo much! In the past few months, I’ve been to the Hague, Harvard, Yale, Stanford,… so cool! Don’t worry, they have intro level courses. You don’t need a PHD or MD to get what they teach. Or if you have those levels of education, they have them too.

And all these things give you access to the people who CAN influence the world leaders. See? Maybe you can bend their ear a little! And on social media? They count your loves and your followers to see how important your voice is there. Right?

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