Square Peg – Round Hole

Square Peg – Round Hole

If I were to meet your …..brother, sister, father, mother….. how much like them are you?
How about your S.O.? Are you a lot like them?
What about your besties? Are you peas in a pod, or leaves from different trees? Things in common but things different too?

Why do we expect or even want people to be like us? Or us like them?
Isn’t the world more interesting when we meet people who are different, so we can listen to a different story, hear a new joke or song? Is that a new prayer you’re chanting, and what is it about?

At what point does it stop though?

I’m a people-curious person. Always wanting to learn about others, excited by novelty. But there are certainly things that turn me off. As I’m sure there are with you as well.

But we have to try to blend with the people, the group around us. To the point of marching lockstep though? Where is that line?

I think it’s a daily struggle, which may be why I have social anxiety and am shy. It’s hard to navigate the world when I think everyone wants a clone of them.

Or do they? Have I finally gotten past high school? Can we truly be ourselves, and is that really ok?

Maybe this is just my headspace everyday? (shrug)

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