Prediction – You May Have Heard of the Doomsday Clock….

Prediction – You May Have Heard of the Doomsday Clock….

Since 1947. the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
have been looking at specific factors to see where we as a human race, as a planet stand in terms of our risk of ending our own existance.

2020 & 2021 have put the clock at it’s worst ever predicition of 100 seconds to midnight.


What factors do these people consider in their predictions?

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists decide what Midnight and “global catastrophe” really mean in a particular year. They might include “politics, energy, weapons, diplomacy, and climate science”; potential sources of threat include nuclear threats, climate change, bioterrorism, and artificial intelligence.

nuclear risk

  • climate change – carbon, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases
  • new developments in the life sciences and technology – “disruptive technologies” such as synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and cyberwarfare
  • dangerous rivalry and hostility among the superpowers – failure to cooperate for the good of the planet
  • tolerated disinformation on MSM and social media


What can we do? –
It’s not all up to the govts and world leaders.

  • If there is something on that list that you care about and know data about, do you share that on your platforms?
  • Do you contact your members of whatever local and federal levels of govt and ask them what they are doing to reduce these risks?
  • Do you sign petitions relevant to the risks you believe are serious?
  • Do you keep informed on hostilities and conflict so that you can speak about them on your platforms and let your POV be known to your leaders?


Global organizations are attempting to work with the nations to reduce hostility and reduce the number of nuclear weapons…..
nuclear – un
int’l red cross and red crescent movement
anti-nuclear – wiki list ……and could use whatever spare dollars you have.


Global organizations are looking for ways to help our planet.
climate change – un
climate change – global wiki list


Global agencies are monitoring the ethical growth of science and technology.
list science and tech watchdog groups – nap. edu


Global human relations and rights


I know, it’s hard to think in macro terms these days when remembering to:

  • grab your keys and mask before you go out the door,
  • watching to see what your area’s public health covid threat level is,
  • keeping food and water on your table,
  • and a roof over your head is stressing you out.

But without the larger picture, there is no us. And the clock is now at the worst post since it began. And it’s not JUST about this pandemic. Think about that for a second.

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